1000 Shiva Lingas in Hampi

1000 Shiva Lingas in Hampi

Hampi is a village in northern Karnataka. Hampi is located within the ruins of Vijayanagara, the former capital of the Vijayanagara Empire. Predating the city of Vijayanagara, it continues to be an important religious centre, housing the Virupaksha Temple, as well as several other monuments belonging to the old city. Hampi houses 1000 Shiva Lingas near Tungabhadra River.

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Kotilingeshwara Temple, Kolar

The Lord Kotilingeshwara Temple is situated in Kammasandra Village in Kolar district, Karnataka. Kotilingeshwara Temple is about 6 km from Kolar Gold Fields also known as KGF. The main deity of this temple is Lord Kotilingeshwara. There are more than 8.6 million Lingas installed surrounding the temple by the pilgrims as of 2008. The temple was started with the intent of installing 1 crore lingas, hence the name "Kotilingeshwara". Koti means crore (10 million).

Sahasralinga Temple, Sirsi

Sahasralinga is a pilgrimage place, located around 14 km from the Sirsi Taluk in the district of Uttara Kannada of Karnataka state. It is in the river Shalmala and is famous for being the location where around a thousand lingas are carved on rocks in the river and on its banks. The lingas in Uppinangady are under the river and are natural appearing, not carved. The Shiva Lingas were built under the patronage of Sadashivarayavarma, king of the Sirsi kingdom (1678-1718). It is also possible to see many Basava (bulls) which are carved in front of the Shivalingas.

Sahasralinga is situated around 14 km from Sirsi. One can travel by personal vehicles as there is ample parking space at Sahasralinga and is very well maintained. You can also take public bus travelling from Sirsi to Yellapura and get down at barani. You can take an auto rickshaw or walk down to Sahasralinga which is 1.5 km from the bus stop.

"Sahasralingeshwara temple in Uppinangady is situated on the banks of the river Netravati and Kumaradhara, where thousand lingas are found. The story goes like: After Kurukshetra war, Krishna suggests Pandavas to get "Pushpa Mruga" to hold Rajasooryadwara Yaga.Bheema dashed to "Mahendragiri" to fetch it.On the way he meets Hanuman taking rest, which is stretched on his way. Bheema finds it difficult to cross the tail of Hanuman and requests to remove the tail. Hanuman asks Bheema to lift tail but he struggles and fails.Later both realised that both are devine powers.Hanuman comes to know the purpose of Bheem's journey and offers him hair from his tail for the protection.Bheem,after reaching Mahendragiri meets pushpamruga and it agrees on a condition that it would follow him only a "manovega"-speed at which mind moves. Bheem agrees trusting the tail hair. While leading the animal, whenever Bheem finds he cannot keep the pace with the animal,he drops a hair.Strangely a "Shivalinga" appears just on the spot and Pushpamruga proceeds only after worshipping the linga.This gives Bheem sufficient time to adjust his speed. When they reach the place called "Uppinangady", Bheem finds difficult and drops remaining one thousand tail hair.There appears 1000 lingas and by the time animal completes worship,Bheem safely reaches Yagamantap.Thus it is believed that 1000 Lingas are found in the temple vicinity.One out of those Lingas found in the middle of the river sand becomes visible in the month of February.

Kodi Lingam Temple, Theni

Theni is a hillock town situated in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. It is the headquarters of the Theni district. It is known for the large-scale trading of garlic, cotton, cardamom, grapes, mango and chilli. It hosts the second largest weekly market in Tamil Nadu and the fourth largest in South India.

Kodi Lingam temple is arranged near to Suruli Falls, we can reach there in 1 hr 20 mins by travellig 48 kms across on Suruli road from Theni City. Kodi lingam Temple is situated in a natural environment & surrounded by a lot of sightseeing, Suruli Falls, kumbakarai falls, Sothuparai dam, Vellimalai, Megamalai Mullai Periyar Dam & Agamalai. By the temple board’s endeavor 1000 more Siva lingams organized here as beautiful series, a scenic tribute to siva lingams. Now it goes across uncountable because day by day the count is extending by devotees.

The temple is called as Kodilingam Lingaparvadhini Aalayam because, a series of thousands of thousand sivalingams placed infront of a Amman Statue called Linga parvadhini she is one of the incarnation of Goddess Parvathidevi, This is a reason behind the name of Kodilingam lingaparvadhini. In Pravadhini “Parvadham” represents Mountain also stands for "Parvadhidevi"". Further, here The Shivalinga, which is made of the same stone, has hundreds of Shiva lingam engraved on it, an additional & extraordinary beauty of this temple. The temple is one of the inevitable tourist attractions around Theni. Lord Shiva’s place called Kailaya Cave is here, also Rishis & Sages & Rishis are still here today. It is the people's belief that the ultimate honor of the dead will be honored here so the people are visiting here for their relative’s funereal procedures. Monthly once Special Pooja & Darshan being done in the day of Amavasai (Dark Moon).

Kbal Spean

Kbal Spean is an Angkorian era archaeological site on the southwest slopes of the Kulen Hills to the northeast of Angkor in Siem Reap District, Siem Reap Province, Cambodia. It is situated along a 150m stretch of the Stung Kbal Spean River, 25 kilometres from the main Angkor group of monuments.

Kbal Spean site consists of a series of stone carvings in sandstone formations carved in the river bed and banks. It is commonly known as the "Valley of a 1000 Lingas" or "The River of a Thousand Lingas". The motifs for stone carvings are mainly myriads of lingams (phallic symbol of Hindu god Shiva), depicted as neatly arranged bumps that cover the surface of a sandstone bed rock, and lingam-yoni designs. There are also various Hindu mythological motifs, including depictions of the gods Shiva, Vishnu, Brahma, Lakshmi, Rama, and Hanuman, as well as animals (cows and frogs).


1008 Lingam Temple in Salem

1008 Lingam Temple is located in Ariyanoor in Salem city on a hillock near Kunjmaala. The temple is managed by Vinayaka Mission and was constructed in 2010. The temple has 1007 lingams which surrounds the main shiv temple, which has the 1008th lingam with the holy cow Nandi's statue in front. For visiting the temple, you have to go on Sangagiri to Salem highway, just after crossing the institutions of Vinayaka Mission.

When you cross the gate of Temple, you can see an enormous statue of Ganesha at the foothills. The security guard is very helpful and guides you to the road you have to take for going on the top. You can take your vehicle to the top of the hillock, but if you walk you can enjoy the scenic surroundings and visit each lingam and offer your prayers. Every lingam is named after the thousand names of the Lord Shiva.

1008 Shiva Temple Salem
Srinagar - Kanyakumari Highway,
Ariyanur, Tamil Nadu 636308
Phone Number: 093621 04516

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