Achakanya Waterfalls

Achakanya waterfalls is near a place called Aralsuruli, 10 km from the town of Thirthahalli on the way to Hosanagara in Karnataka. The Sharavathi River takes a spectacular leap of 6.10 m to form this magnificent falls. The waterfall is located near the village of Aralasurali that lies about 10 km from the town of Thirthahalli in the Shimoga district of Karnataka.

The best time to visit the Achakanya Falls is during the rainy season, when the waterfall can be seen in its full glory. So, it is better to plan a trip to the waterfall during the months of July to October.

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Trekking to the Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

Achakanya waterfall is a great destination for trekkers. Situated in the middle of a forest, the waterfall presents a challenge to the trekkers to find it. There are no marked ways or routes to reach the waterfall. One has to either find the way through the forest or take the help of locals to locate the site. No signboards mentioning anything about the waterfall can be found on the way to the site. Hence, it is a bit difficult to find the waterfall.

However, the wonderful view of the waterfall and the surrounding areas are worth the effort of trekking to the site. In fact, trekking to the waterfall can be an experience in itself as the trek route proceeds through the forest and provides an opportunity to observe the varied flora of the region from close range. Some varieties of birds can also be spotted while trekking through the greenery.

How to reach Achakanya Falls, Shimoga

To reach the Achakanya Falls one has to go to Shimoga first. There are several means of transport to reach Shimoga from various parts of Karnataka.

By Air: The nearest airport to reach the village of Aralasurali or the waterfall is the Mangalore International Airport.

By Rail: The village Aralasurali is not connected by railways. The nearest railway station is located in the town of Shimoga that stands at a distance of 60 km from the village. The Mangalore Rail Way Station is a major railway station that is situated at a distance of 124 km from Aralasurali.

By Road: There are no direct buses that operate between Bangalore and Aralasurali. But Bangalore has frequent buses for Shimoga. There are buses that connect Aralasurali village to several towns and villages such as Tirthahalli, Sringeri, Shimoga, etc.

From Aralasurali village one has to trek the distance to the waterfall. Private vehicles can be hired to reach the village of Aralasurali. The private vehicles can reach a little more inside the forest but the last one kilometre to reach the waterfall is a trekking route and has to be covered on foot.