Ankola is in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka. The main language spoken here is Kannada, and a dialect of Konkani that is unique to Uttara Kannada. Ankola is famous for its native breed of mango called ishaad. Distance from Honnebail to Ankola, Karnataka is 7.9 km and travelling takes around 18 min via Bhasgod-Manjaguni Road and Belambar-Bhasgod Road. Ankola has a great array of temples which form the part of cultural and social activities of Ankola. Distance from Savanur to Ankola, Karnataka is 150.2 km and travelling takes around 2 h 52 min via SH 6 and NH52.

  • Shri Shantadurga temple,
  • Venkatramana temple,
  • Aryadurga temple,
  • Honna Raka Temple,
  • Lakshminarayana Mahamaya Temple
  • Narsimha temple(Bendi bazar)

Annual mela called 'Bandihabba' is celebrated on Buddha Poornima in the month of May. This is an important festival to be celebrated for 9 days. On 9th day the mela is conducted near Shantadurga temple and people from around the town and village will throng to temple and celebrate it. Another big festival called 'Vana ratri' is celebrated during November when five temple deities will be out of Ankola town on Palakki for a night stay and will return next morning. The entire town celebrates this town with fire works.

Mansoon is vigorous in this part and no major festivities are conducted during this season other than Ganesh Chaturthi.

Belekeri Beach
Belekeri beach is Situated 8 kms away from Ankola which is an old port of Belekin with the long stretches of unexplored beaches. Situated at the bay of the river Belekin, the port is used for shipping bamboo, wood etc.The place has two temples of Jenubeera and Ishwara and also an old inscription dating back to the 15th century. Belekeri Port was a good port during the time of British, and managenese ore was being exported from here. The beautiful beach here attracts many tourists.

Arya Durga Temple
Arya Durga Temple temple in Ankola was established by a Sanyasi about 300 years ago and stapana. The Sanyasi who installed the idol had his samadhi in front of this temple.

Sri Laxminarayan Mahamaya Temple
The GSB Brahmins who fled from Goa about 1510 AD with their family deities (Kuladevatha idols) came and settled here. The idol of gold in this temple is taken out for worship once in ten-fifteen years. The punarprathistapana of the temple took place in 1975.

How to reach Ankola
It is well connected to Mangalore and Goa - by bus and train. Konkan railways operates fairly regular services. Bangalore is connected by road. The National Highway 17( NH-17 ) passes through Ankola from Goa to Udupi. East Direction - Connected to Hubli by National Highway 63.

Arya Durga Temple, Ankola
Shri Shantadurga Temple, Ankola
Sri Laxminarayan Mahamaya Temple, Ankola