Arkavathi Dam

Arkavathi Dam is built across the river Arkavathi, a tributary of the river Kaveri. Located near the Kanakapura town in the Ramanagara district of Karnataka, the dam helps in the irrigation of the nearby areas. The dam is a recent structure, built in the year 2004.

The reservoir has a length of 720 meters. The height of the dam rises to a height of 29.685 meters above the foundation. There are 8 radial spillway gates in the dam, each having a size of 9.14m x 13.72m. With a gross storage capacity of 44.94 mcm the dam acts as an important reservoir of water in the area.

The closest airport to reach Arkavathy Dam is the Bengaluru International Airport in Bangalore. The major railway station to reach Arkavathy dam is the Bangalore city junction railway station. From Bangalore there are several buses available to reach Kanakapura. There are several bus stands in and around Kanakapura that connects the town to several near and far towns and cities. The dam can be easily reached from Kanakapura by taxi.