Ancient and Modern Art in Karnataka

Pre 18th century:
Karnataka has a rich collection of ancient art. There are old paintings of considerable antiquity at the Jaina Matha at Sravanabelagola.Paintings of Bijapur times are seen at Asar Mahal Palace and Ibrahim Rauza of the 16th- 17th century. Asar Mahal and Ibrahim Rauza has mostly floral figures. Ragmala paintings and portraits of kings and queens like Chand Bibi are preserved in the Bijapur Museum. A place near Bijapur, Kumatagi, is known for the wall paintings around a swimming pool present within its precinct.

18th century:
Eighteenth century paintings are seen at Dariya Daulat Palace at Srirangapatana; the capital of Tipu Sultan. The collection includes depictions of war scenes apart from personal portraits of nobelmen. The Sibi Temple near Tumkur also has paintings of the 18th century. Eighteenth century paintings are also seen at Kittur, Haleparivaradavara Chavadi at Kollegal, and the Nalkunadu Palace in Kodagu. The paintings from Kittur have been transferred to a Hire Matha at Amminbhavi in Dharwad district.

19th century:
The 19th century paintings are seen at the palace of Nippani, Nargund (Dharwad district) and at the Mysore palace. The Jaganmohan Art Gallery has a collection of artistic mural paintings. Traditional paintings of Mysore can also be found at the Chitrakala Parishat in Bangalore; most of the paintings are framed images of gods and goddesses, done in the Mysore style.

Modern art:
Many art schools have a good collection of modern paintings. The School of Art at Andani (Gulbarga district), Akki, Minajigi at Gadag, Halbhavi at Dharwad, Chitrakala Parishat and Kalamandira at Bangalore are a few of the art schools possessing a good collection of modern art. Art exhibitions are generally held in Bangalore, Davanagere, Udupi and other centres.