Banakal is a Village in Mudigere Taluk in Chikmagalur District in Karnataka. Banakal is 9.8 km away from its Taluk Main Town Mudigere. Banakal is 32.2 km away from Chikmagalur. Bangalore is at a distance of 222 km from Banakal.

Banakal is situated atop the Charmadi hills in the Western Ghats and on the banks of river Hemavathi.

Banakal is popular because of its scenic beauty and pleasant weather throughout the year. The coffee estates and paddy fields add more beauty to the village.

Alekan Waterfalls

Alekan waterfalls is the major attraction and it is located just 6 Km from Banakal towards Charmadi. It is easy to spot and at a distance of about 18 km from Charmadi and 4 kilometers from Kottegehara. The waterfall has a height of 90 feet and is surrounded by lush greenery and is a popular stop for nature lovers and tourists passing by the region. The waterfall is particularly beautiful during the early mornings and late evenings when the hills are covered by a light mist.

Banakal Jatre

Banakal Jatre is the car-festival event that occurs once a year and attracts a lot of people from surrounding villages.

B.Bosahalli (Bharatibylu), Banakal, Bidarahalli, Chinniga, Gonibeedu and Halemudigere are the main villages in Mudigere Taluk.

Near By Villages are Phalguni (3.2 km), Balur (4.3 km), Bidarahalli (7.2 km), Niduvale (7.3 km) and Javali (7.9 km). Near By towns are Mudigere (9.8 km), Chickmagalur (22.8 km), Chikmagalur (32.2 km) and Sringeri (45.3 km). Banakal Pin Code is 577113

How to Reach Banakal

By Air: Nearest Airport is Mangalore International Airport

By Rail: Nearest Railway Station are Mangalore, Hassan, Shimoga

By Road: Banakal is well connected with road network. You can catch any bus that commutes between Mangalore and Chikmagalur to reach Banakal.