Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km south of Bangalore, Bangalore Urban District, Karnataka. The journey to the park takes nearly half an hour from Bangalore. This hilly place is the home for one of the richest natural, zoological reserves. The 25,000 acre (101 sq km) zoological park makes this a major tourist attraction of Bangalore.

The Bannerghatta National Park was opened in the year 1974. This park is situated in a picturesque surroundings. The parks main attractions are bisons, lions, elephants and panthers among other wildlife. It also has a Serpentarium and a crocodile farm. Being a picnic spot it is always teeming with people. It also has a Lion Safari through which one can have real free view of Lions in the forest. The other attractions are the Lion tailed monkeys, the snake park, the museum, the collection of birds, the cheetah and other wild animals, it has also a very old ancient temple of Champakadharmeswara built by the Hoysalas in the 12th century AD. Very close to the National Park is the Pearly Valley where one can enjoy a refreshing bath. It is also surrounded by pictursque valley.

The park officials organise a Lion Safari for those interested.The Bannerghatta National Park (BNP) will now be home to 31 lions and lionesses and a sloth bear which were rescued from circuses in Haryana and Uttar Pradesh. After travelling the 2,300-km long journey from the nation's capital, the animals were given a fresh lease of life, away from the pathetic conditions in circuses. The BNP, which started a lion safari park as back as 1979 and a tiger safari park in 1987, has planned to start bear and white tiger safari parks from this year.

At Bannerghatta National Park, you have an array of shops, before reaching Main Entrance. They sell Coconut Water, Corn, Chips, Mango, Caps, Wooden Toys, Fried Chips, Biscuits etc. Tickets are sold at Counters, on the right side of the Main Entrance. Fare for Wildlife Safari and Zoo (Combo Pack) is Rs. 260 per head. For Children above 5 to 15, a nominal charge of Rs. 40 is collected. There is no separate charges for Still Camera or Video Cameras (Camcorders). After Entering the Main Entrance, the road diverts towards left and right. The road towards left takes you towards the Wildlife Safari (where you wait for Vans operated by Karnataka Tourism, which takes you inside the park) and Butterfly Park and that towards right takes you towards Zoo and Boat riding.

Intel recently launched a year-long environmental programme at Bannerghatta Biological Park. The initiative, Intel for a better Bannerghatta, is in collaboration with World Wide Fund for Nature, India (WWF) and the park. The objective is to make the park a litter-free area.

Bannerghatta National Park Timings

Bannerghatta Biological Park remains open for visitors every day except on Tuesday (being holiday).

Zoo09:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Grand Safari (Tiger , Lion, Bear & Herbivore safari) 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM
Butterfly Park 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Boating 09:30 AM to 5:00 PM

Bannerghatta Natioanl Park Address

Bannerghatta National Park
Bannerghatta Road, Bannerghatta,
Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083
Phone Number: 080 2782 8300

Bannerghatta Zoo

Going to a zoo can be a vastly different experience from seeing animals in the wild. Although the Bannerghatta park is not on the scale of Big Zoos or Safari Parks, it does give nature lovers a glimpse of wild animals in their natural habitat. The Bannerghatta Zoo is sandwiched between 2 hills and houses nearly 1300 animals from 80 species. The most popular animals to be spotted at the Bannerghatta Zoo are King Cobra, Panther, Hornbill, Malabar Squirrel, Nilgiri Langur, Lion Tailed Macaque, Emu, Crocodile and Wolf. Information on Bannerghatta National Park Bangalore Jungle Lodges, Nature Camp, Resort & Convention Centre Bangalore Karnataka are also given here.

Petting Zoo in Bangalore
Bannerghatta National Park Bus Timings
Hotels, Boarding, Lodging & Accomodation in Bannerghatta

There is a small museum in the zoo which showcases zoological exhibits. The zoo, which is a major attraction in this area, also has a reptile park and a small theatre. The zoo has been criticised for the maintenance of its exhibits. The Zoo closes on Tuesday (weekly Holiday).

The zoo has separate charges for weekdays and weekends (or Holidays). The prices currently for A grand safari - of Lions, Tigers & Herbivorus costs Rs. 80 on regular days and Rs. 125 on weekends (and other holidays) where as, to move around the zoo would cost you Rs. 25.00. There are also Lion / Tiger Safari and Elephant joy rides.

Butterfly Park

The country's first Butterfly Park was established at the Bannerghatta Biological Park. It was inaugurated on Saturday November 25, 2006 by Kapil Sibal, Union Minister of Science and Technology. The Butterfly Park is spread across 7.5 acres (30,000 sq m) of land. It comprises a butterfly conservatory, museum and an audio-visual room. The butterfly conservatory has a polycarbonate roof and is a 10,000 sq ft (1,000 sq m). circular enclosure, inside which the living environment has been carefully designed to support over 20 species of butterflies. The environment has a tropical setting - complete with the humid climate, an artificial waterfall and host plants and shrubs that attract butterflies. The conservatory leads to the second and third domes, which have a museum that will have dioramas and exhibits.

Entry fee for Butterfly park is Rs. 30. You will find Battery operated vehicles at the entrance. They charge around Rs. 300/service. There are vehicles that can carry 4/6 people in one trip. The Main Gate of Butterfy park is around 500-600 metres from the entrance. You will find wide range of butterflies flying around inside the park. There is a Butterfly museum also inside the same building.

The collaborative agencies are the Zoo Authority of Karnataka, University of Agricultural Sciences and the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and Environment (ATREE).

The Zoological Reserve

The Bannerghatta Tiger and Lion Reserve has a reserve of Indian tigers, lions and other mammals. A mini safari here helps to fund the reserve. The Tiger Reserve of the park has been recognised by the Forest Department of India.

Altitude: 740 to 1034 meters above sea level
Visiting hours: 9am to 5pm
Holiday: Closed every Tuesday
Best time: September to January
Phone number: 080-27828540

Boat Riding at Bannerghatta Zoo

Boat riding is available towards end of zoo. They charge Rs. 60/head for Padding and Rowing Boats. 2 seater and 4 Seater Boats are available. On Holidays, a long queue is seen. You can ride for around 20 minutes. Kids, Families, Couples and friends all enjoy boat riding. Before entering the lakes premises, you find the monkey family swinging on the trees. They take up the entertainment in hand, especially the younger ones. Boating in the lake inside Bannerghatta National Park would cost Rs 60 per head for half hour. A full boat can be hired for Rs 300 where 4 people can be accommodated.

There is a small park for kids at the entrance of zoo. Some of the swings and ladders are already rusted. So please accompany the kids. Food and beverages are available around the Children's play area at marginal price difference.

Bannerghatta Biological Park Tariff

Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Adults 100/- 100/-
Children 50/- 50/-
Sr. Citizen 60/- 60/-

Butterfly Park
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Adults 50/- 50/-
Children 30/- 30/-
Sr. Citizen 30/- 30/-

Non AC Bus Safari (Zoo+Safari)
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Adults 300/- 350/-
Children 150/- 200/-
Sr. Citizen 200/- 250/-

Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Adults 500/- 500/-
Children 400/- 400/-

AC Bus Safari (Zoo+Safari+ButterflyPark+Camera)
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Adults 600/- 650/-
Children 400/- 450/-

Jeep Safari(Zoo+Safari+ButterflyPark+Camera)
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
6 Seater Non AC Jeep 3500/- 3500/-
6 Seater AC Jeep 4000/- 4000/-
6 Seater AC Xylo 4500/- 4500/-
8 seater non AC Jeep 4500/- 4500/-
7 seater Innova Car 5500/- 5500/-

School Groups

Zoo & Safari (Non-AC bus)
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Below 5 years 100/- 100/-
5 to 12 years 130/- 130/-
Above 12 years 250/- 250/-

Only Zoo
Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Below 5 years Nil Nil
5 to 12 years 30/- 30/-
Above 12 years 50/- 50/-

Monday to Friday Saturday, Sunday & Govt Holidays
Still 50/- 50/-
Video 250/- 250/-

Physically challenged persons

Zoo & Butterfly Park
Free Entry Free Entry
Safari 200/- 250/-
Battery Operated Vehicle Adults: 100/- Children: 50/-
Fine (on noncompliance) Adults: 100/250/500/- Children: 100/250/500/-

Bannerghatta Biological Park Online Booking

Bannerghatta BMTC Bus Services

There is a small Bus Stand near the park. Bus numbers 365, 266 and G4 ply from here at regular basis. They connect to Majestic, KR Market and Brigade Road respectively. AC and Non AC Buses, Vayu Vajra and Big 10 buses are available. Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian food is available at the premises. Dosa, Porota, South Indian/North India meals, Chapatti and beverages are available. For Vegetarian Meals they charge around Rs. 60.

Bannerghatta Biological Park Bus Services

Champakadhama Swamy temple

Champakadhama Swamy temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore near Bannerghatta Wildlife National park. This temple has historical importance and is believed to be existing from the Cholas period. The Government of Karnataka is maintaining this temple. It houses unique stone scriptures . Champakadhama is another name of Lord Rama or Vishnu. Temple is open for pooja from morning 6.00 AM to 12:00 PM and again later in the evening after 05:00 pm to 07:00 PM.

In 1992, a young child fell prey to a tiger named Bill, allegedly due to carelessness of the Forest Department staff. The incident raised questions on the security of the mini-safari and its maintenance.

However at the time of the tragedy, private vehicles were allowed inside the Safari. The child in question was traveling in a private car driven by his father. The child's grandfather was sitting with the child in his lap and the car stopped annoyingly close to a tiger (supposedly just 2 feet (0.61 m) away). The child's grandfather is rumored to have rolled down the car's window glass and held the kid in the window to give the child a better look at the tiger. They also made loud noises. The irritated tiger took a swipe and the child died instantly.

In the aftermath of the incident private vehicles were stopped from venturing in to the tiger and lion safari. Now the park itself operates several mini-buses to serve the people.

Jungle Lodges and Resorts

Jungle Lodges and Resorts has a facility inside the Bannerghatta National Park to spend a full day at Bannerghatta National Park. The itinerary at Bannerghatta Nature Camp starts with lunch on Day 1. This is followed by Grand Safari and the Zoo. There is a wildlife movie at night prior to Dinner. The next say starts with a nature walk before breakfast. Accommodation is in tented cottages, log hits and dormitories. Tariff ranges from Rs 2000-4500 per person per night on twin sharing basis.

Jungle Lodges & Resorts Ltd.,
Ground Floor, West Entrance,
Khanija Bhavan, Race Course Road,
Bangalore-560 001, Karnataka
Phone Number: 91-80-40554055

Bangalore Resort in Bannerghatta National Park -

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