Basava Sagar Dam

Basava Sagar Dam or Narayanpura Dam, is a dam constructed across the Krishna River at Siddapur Village in Muddebihal Taluk, Bijapur District, Karnataka. The reservoir that it impounds is known as Basava Sagar, and has a total storage capacity of 37.965 1.075 cubic km, with 30.5 tmcft (0.85 kmĀ³) live storage. The full reservoir level is 492.25 m MSL and the minimum draw down level is 481.6 m MSL. It was a single purpose project meant only for irrigation, but downstream electrical generation and drinking water considerations enter into its management. The dam is 29 meters high and over 1 kilometres long, and has 30 gates for water release.22 Spillway Gates are present in the Dam It took Rs. 50.48 crore to complete.