Bluff Falls

Shivasamudram is about 65kms, East of Mysore in Mandya district. Here the River Cauvery meanders to fall into cascading Shivasamudram Falls. This sparking waterfalls flows through the abundant sylvan forest of Karnataka in Deccan Plateau, plunges 320 feet into gorge into a spate, breaking into a cloud of misty foam. The falls are 893 metres wide.

In the Western Ghats of Kodagu district at Talacauvery, River Cauvery emerges and meanders to join the Rivers Harangi, Hemavathi, Lakshmana Thirtha and Kapila creating number of waterfalls.

Cauvery forms many islands throughout its journey from Talacaurvery to Bay of Bengal. One such island is Shivanasamudra or Bluff. At Shivasamudram also called Bluff or Simsha, this water falls has twin jumps, the Gagana Chukki or the Western falls and the Bara/Bhara Chukki or the Eastern falls.

Monsoon season (during the month of July and August makes this waterfall swell to enormous proportion, when the river Kabini floods along with Cauvery creating a waterfall perhaps a thousand feet wide. The Hydro electric power stations is the first of its kind in Asia, in 1902, is still functional. It was commissioned by the Diwan of Mysore, Sir K Seshadri Iyer. The first town to receive the electricity from this station was Kolar Gold Fields, hence Kolar became the first town in Asia to get hydro electricity.

One needs to trek 2kms through the lush greenery, along the banks of Cauvery to approach the falls. Sitting on the benches provided at the watch tower you can revel the beauty of the river plummet into a spray of mist.

One can visit the Somanathpur Temple, Shivanasamuram, and then visit Talakad (35kms ) One can find accommodation and food at Talakad.

Best Visiting time : June to September ( the water falls looks full and gorgeous during this season). The climate is moderate entire year.

By Rail: Nearest Railway Station is Mandhya

By Air: Nearest Airport is Mysore Airport

By Road: Bluff falls is 65 kms from Mysore. 139 kms from Bangalore (Bangalore-Maddur-Malavalli-Sattegala-Bluff), 35kms from Talakad.

Nearby places are Talakad, Somanathpur, Srirangapatna