Burude Falls/ Illimane Falls

Burude Falls or Illimane Falls Near Kyadgi is a five step water falls. Burude means the skull in Kannada (language of Karnataka people). Burude Falls is about 21 kms for Siddapur and 55kms from Sirsi on Siddapur-Kumta road.

November to February is ideal time to visit Burude Falls. This place is an ideal two day picnic spot as it is perfect for taking long walks, trekking and other sports. It is very difficult to enter or pass through the valley during rainy seasons as the only passage to pass through is small creek which remains dry during summers, but starts overflowing otherwise. So avoid making your travel plans during the monsoons.

How to Reach Burude Falls
Burude Falls can be approached by trekking from the Unchalli waterfalls along the stream. The best time to visit here is winter and early summer. Jog, Unchalli, and Honnemaradu are the places of interest nearby.