Chikballapur or Chikbalapur

Chikballapur (Chikbalapur, Chikkaballapura), serves as the District Headquarters of Chikballapur in Karnataka, located approximately 57 km north of Bangalore. The town is traversed by the north-south National Highway NH-7, which functions as the Main Street and is locally referred to as Bengaluru-Bellary Road or BB Road. The distance from Yelahanka Old Town to Chikkaballapura, Karnataka, is 42.4 km, taking around 49 minutes via NH44. Additionally, the distance from Chikkaballapura to Kasturi Nagar is 58.9 km, requiring about 1 hour and 9 minutes via NH44. For those traveling from Chikkaballapura to Bellandur Lake, the distance is 74.6 km, with a travel time of approximately 2 hours and 5 minutes via NH44.

Adiyogi Temple Chikkaballapura Bengaluru

Chief Minister of Karnataka revealed the distinctive countenance of "Adiyogi – the Source of Yoga" at Isha Foundation Chikkaballapura. Standing at a towering height of 112 feet, Adiyogi embodies 112 paths to attain well-being and discover one's ultimate nature. In close proximity to Adiyogi stands the Yogeshwar Linga, consecrated by Sadhguru, representing the five primary chakras in the human system.

Tourist Attractions in Chikballapur

The renowned tourist spot of Nandi Hill is situated approximately 22 km south of downtown Chickballapur, accessible via State Highway 74 and a connecting link road. It's approximately 15 km to the hill's base, while the captivating journey up the winding road with thrilling hairpin bends covers about 7 km. At the hill's plateau, an exquisite botanical garden awaits, featuring a perimeter pathway that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

For lodging, the two State of Karnataka Guest Houses and Hotel Mayura offer comfortable accommodations, including Western-style bathrooms. Hotel Mayura's restaurant boasts a diverse menu, while a smaller, cozy restaurant provides additional food options. Notably, the modest "Guest House," once occupied by Mahatma Gandhi, has transformed into a pilgrimage center, showcasing tangible evidence of Gandhi's simple lifestyle. Visitors might find solace in the serene ambience of the Yoganandishwara Temple. For emergencies, there's a wireless Police Control Room available.

Regular bus services operate between Bangalore, India's silicon plateau, and the summit of Nandi Hill. Additionally, albeit less frequently, patient travelers can catch a bus from Chikballapur to reach the top of Nandi Hill.

Ranganatha Swamy temple Chikballapur

The Ranganatha Swamy temple, locally known as Rangasthala, situated approximately five kilometers west of downtown Chikballapur, off the State Highway to Gauribidanur, is a captivating destination worth exploring. The exquisite stone statue of Vishnu, crafted in the Vijayanagar style, is particularly impressive, and the best time to appreciate it is when the temple is less crowded. The temple priest is accommodating and may arrange a special viewing for a small offering to the deity. While respecting religious sentiments, visitors are encouraged to visit for the sheer artistic magnificence.

For history enthusiasts, the Heritage Primary School in Kandavara, located about two kilometers south of downtown Chikballapur on State Highway 74, holds significance. The U-shaped building, dating back to 1845, is where Bharata Ratna Mokshagundam Vishweshwaraiah received his primary education. In 2006, the Dwaraknath Reddy Ramanarpanam Trust (DRRT), led by Anita Reddy, undertook the rehabilitation of the building. There is now a modest interpretive center in one of the classrooms. Mr. Narayana Swamy Katari, a native of Kandavara who served as the Chief Secretary of the State of Karnataka until 1967, also attended this primary school.

Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, a Hindu shrine dedicated to the god Shiva, is situated in Nandi village at the foothills of Nandi Hills (Nandidurga) in the Chikkaballapur district of Karnataka. The distance from Marathahalli, Bengaluru to Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Chikkaballapura Taluk, Nandi is approximately 61.8 km, with a travel time of around 1 hour and 40 minutes via NH 44.

The original temple within the complex, recognized as one of Karnataka's oldest, dates back to the early 9th century. Inscriptions from rulers such as Nolambadiraja of the Nolamba dynasty and Govinda III of the Rashtrakuta dynasty, dating around c.806, mark the temple's early construction. Successive South Indian dynasties, including the Ganga Dynasty, Chola dynasty, Hoysala Empire, and Vijayanagara Empire, patronized the temple. In the post-medieval era, the region came under the control of local chiefs of Chikaballapura and rulers of the Mysore Kingdom, namely Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan, until British rule after Tipu Sultan's death around c.1799. The temple exhibits Dravidian architectural style and is located 60 km from Bangalore. Designated as a monument of national importance, the temple is protected by the Archaeological Survey of India.

Yoga Nandeeshwara Temple

Yoga Nandeeshwara temple is one of the oldest and beautiful worship places in the region, which was built by the Cholas. The highlighting features of the shrine are the carvings and designs on the walls and sculpture. Besides, the temple features a beautiful Kalyana Mantapa that grabs attraction of the tourists.

The temple houses Lord Shiva, the presiding deity of the place. Yoga Nandeeshwara temple complex is guarded by two Dwarapalakas at the entrance. Situated atop the hill, the pilgrim centre also serves as a study centre to the students of architecture and sculpture. One of the foremost attractions at the temple is an inscription of 'Sambhaji', son of Chhatrapati Shivaji. Devotees enchant ‘Kodi Maram’, a prayer engraved on the wall and seek blessings.

Trekking & Rock Climbing in Chikballapur

Trekking, mountaineeering, and rock climbing are the best things to do in Chickballapur.

There are five hills, locally known as Pancha Giris (literally five hills), about 15 km south of Chikballapur, including the tourist destination known as Nandi Hill. The five hills are known locally as Nandi Giri, Chandra Giri, Indra Giri, Brahma Giri, and Hema Giri. Also, there is a sixth hill known locally as Kalavaara Hill or Skanda Giri.

The Nandi Hill, along the face known as Tippu's Drop, is good for vertical scaling as long as no one expects it to be comparable to the El Capitan in the Yosemite Mountains in California. The Kalavaara Hill is very good for camping overnight at the top. On a good day, you will literally be above the clouds and see the clouds roll by. Knowledgeable people hike up the hill on a moonlit night and tell others that all those who can must do so. The two hills, locally known as Pandava Hill and Kaurava Hill, named after the legendary fraternal enemies of Mahabharatic fame, about 11 km north of downtown Chikballapur, are also very good for mountaineering.

For those who want to attempt rock climbing, please take everything with you, including the kitchen sink, because you will be alone with your companions. The redeeming value of "taking it with you" is that you can take it back with you as well.

How to Reach Chikballapur

By Bus: The buses operated by the State Transportation Department (KSRTC) and Private operators. There are regular and reliable buses running between Bengaluru and Chickballapur. Travel time is about two one and half hour. During peak hours there are buses almost every ten minutes. Regular and reliable the buses.

By train: There is a passenger rail connection between Bengaluru and Chikballapur. The frequency of trains less. The train takes longer and runs at the scheduled times whereas buses are available at virtually all hours of the day and most of the evenings and nights. If you are travelling as a group, take the train, not as a mode of transportation, but as a platform for picniking and partying in general. Samosas and pakodas (fritters) never taste as good as when there is the rolling Indian countryside in front of you.

Map of Chikballapur Chikkaballapur
Route Map Driving Directions From Bangalore to Chikballapur
Bangalore to Chikballapur KSRTC Bus Services

Distance between Chikkaballapur to BIAL airport is 34.0 km and takes about 40 min. Distance between Chikkaballapur to Davangere, Karnataka is 274.4 km and takes about 4 h.

S.J.C. Institute Of Technology Bus Route

S.J.C. Institute Of Technology is situated on Bangalore � Hyderabad National Highway-NH7, 45 kms from Bangalore city about, 20 kms from Kempe Gowda International Airport (Bangalore International Airport) and about 5 kms from Muddenahalli, the birth place of Sir M. Visvesvaraya. The famous hill resort Nandi hill is about 15 kms from the college.

S.J.C. Institute Of Technology
20, B.B.Road, Chickballapur,
Karnataka 562101
Phone Number: 081562 63181