Chunchi Falls

Chunchi Falls is a breathtaking waterfall 90 km away from Bangalore city. Chunchi Falls is 16 km before the Sangama and is located in the Kanakapura taluk. Distance from from Bannerughatta to Chunchi Falls, Kanakapura is 71.8 km and travel time is around 1 h 52 min via NH948 and Kanakapura-Sangam Road.

Chunchi Falls is nestled among the amazing ranges of rocks on the banks of the River Arkavati. Chunchi Falls is located on the way to Yelehalli from Sangam. One can reach to Chunchi falls from Kanakapura. The waterfall is in the backdrop of scenic settings and it offers eye catching panoramic views of the surroundings.

Chunchi Falls has quicksilver flow of gleaming ripples and is placed in an exquisite rocky valley. It is surrounded by dense and green forests. The falls is a popular picnic spots. The bird's-eye view of eposes of the rippling Chunchi Falls is a sight to behold. Even though it is a small waterfall, the beauty of its rushing cascades of water in a green setting enchants tourists.

How to reach Chunchi Falls
You can take a day's break and visit this bewitching place located in Kankapura taluk in Bangalore rural district. Chunchi Falls is about 6km away from the deviation of the river. The waterfall is surrounded with deep green forests, adding to the natural beauty of the place.

Chunchi falls is about 90 kms from Bangalore city. From Bangalore you have to go to Kanakapura. From Kanakapura you have to go on Sangama/ Mekedatu road. Before about 10 kms from Sangama you will find a signboard for chunchi falls to go towards left. Chunchi falls is around 6 kms on rural road.

Historical Significance of Chunchi Falls

Chunchanakatte is considered as a holy spot, since the Lord Sri Ram during his vanvas stayed and received the hospitality of Chuncha and Chunchi, a tribal couple. The importance of this location is that the sound of the powerful falls can be perceived all over except inside the sanctum of the ancient temple. The legend states that Lord Ram was tired of the Seetha's continuous complaining and provided a curse saying that the tongue of a woman should not be sharp and since Kavery river is considered to be female the disturbance that the stream developed would not be perceived in the sanctum of the lord.

When Sita was tired and thought to have a bath, Lord Ram told Lakshman to send an arrow at a rock, once Lakshman released the arrow, water in 3 distinct shades started pouring out, one with oil, one with shikakai and one with turmeric. These shades are visible even today when there is considerable allowance of water raging torrent in the falls. This place was like paradise on soil with nature at its best, before the power plant was established here. This region is mainly inhabited by farmers and workers of a local sugar mill and of late the power plant.

Best Time to Visit Chunchi Falls

From June to August is the best time to visit the Chunchi falls, since the river will be in the full flow. Do not make plans to stay around this place as there are not many accommodation facilities are available, so be cautious and do not make plans to stay overnight without booking any safe place to stay over. The falls themselves have no genuine hotels nearby, and one can try a safe hotel in Bangalore instead of trying to find out a good hotel in Kanakapura.