Curitoba Bus Booking In Bangalore

Cities all over the world strive to improve their public transport system. The benefits of a faster, more reliable and more effective bus transportation system is obvious; both to users and the environment. Curitiba in Southern Brazil offers their solution to the challenge. In fact, in such a way that the city is well-known to city planners worldwide.

The bus system of Curitiba, Brazil, exemplifies a model Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, and plays a large part in making this a livable city. The buses run frequently�some as often as every 90 seconds�and reliably, and the stations are convenient, well-designed, comfortable, and attractive. Consequently, Curitiba has one of the most heavily used, yet low-cost, transit systems in the world. It offers many of the features of a subway system�vehicle movements unimpeded by traffic signals and congestion, fare collection prior to boarding, quick passenger loading and unloading.

Curitiba's bus system is referred to as one of the world�s most efficient, and cities like Los Angeles, Bogota, Las Vegas, Bangalore and many more have modeled their bus systems with inspiration from Curitiba. In 2010 the city was even awarded with the Globe Sustainable City Award.

We can book the tickets at any KSRTC/BMTC bus counter. Try one day before the tour for registering names/booking.

Bus starts from city Bus Stand at 8.45AM and returns at around 6:30.

It is an AC Bus. Adult Fare is Rs. 250. Entrance fee + lunch is extra. Please call 080-22952422/22952314 for any other information.

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