Davanagere Davangere is the administrative headquarters of Davangere District, Karnataka. The city is located on National Highway 4, at a distance of about 265 kilometres (165 mi) from the state capital, Bangalore. Davangere became a separate district in 1997, when it was separated from the erstwhile undivided district of Chitradurga for administration conveniences. Davanagere is home to a population of about half a million, it is the 6th-largest city in the state of Karnataka.

It is popularly believed that the Chalukyas halted at this place to rest after a long horse-ride. A lake ("kere" in Kannada, the local language) was excavated for them to quench their thirst. The place thus came to be known as "Devan giri" and eventually "Davangere". This popular belief is not attested by any concrete historical evidence. There is no lake to show to prove this note.

Davanagere was originally an obscure village, forming one of the suburbs of Bettur. Sultan Hyder Ali gave it as jagir to a Maratha chief named Apoji Ram, who encouraged merchants to settle there. While Apoji Ram died without heirs, the place continued to grow, favored by Tipu Sultan. After the fall of Tipu Sultan's regime, a European firm stepped in and started a cotton mill. These mills flourished as cotton was grown in plenty, in and around Davanagere, as well as the adjacent town of Harihar. Climatic conditions and the nature of the soil favoured its growth. Davanagere Cotton Mills is now a well-known name in the region.

Davanagere Benne Dosa
Benne Dosa or Benne Dose (Butter Dosa) is a type of dosa which traces its origin from the city of Davangere in Karnataka. It is prepared by addition of generous amount of butter while preparing the normal dosa, and accompanied by coconut Chutney.

It is similar to masala dosa or set dosa but smaller in size, made out of rice batter and much butter. It is served with liberal helpings of butter sprinkled on it. This makes the dish enticing in both flavour and aroma. Some of the variants of the benne dosa are Benne khali dosa, Benne open dosa and Benne masala dosa.

Durgambika Temple
Durgambika Temple It is said that around 200 years ago, a stone was brought from Dugatti Village and installed in this temple and worshipped as Durga Devi. In 1932, this shrine was converted into the beautiful Durgambika Temple. The presiding deity is Durgambika, also known variously as Durgamma.

Subramanya Temple
Subramanya temple is located close to NH4 highway on lokikere road. The presiding deity in this temple is Subramanya, also known as Lord Muruga(Tamil). Aadi Krithigai is a day auspicious for Lord Muruga. This year it falls on Aug 10, Subramanya or Muruga is the second son of Lord Shiva and Mother Parvathi. Extolled as the epitome of beauty, valour and "Jnana", Muruga is worshipped in several ways, through various rituals. Here, special poojas and yagams are conducted for Lord Subramanya on Aadi Kirthigai day.

Kunduvada kere
Kunduvada kere (Mallikarjuna Sagara Parivartita Kunduwada Kere) in Davangere, is a picturesque lake. It is one of the sources of drinking water for the city. It is restored from its ruins. During the last decade, when Davangere was suffering from water shortage, the local MLA Mallikarjuna worked to restore Kunduvada kere and made it as a water reservoir for the city. New garden and walking paths have been built around the lake, and it is quite pleasant to take evening walks along the lakeshore. Another one is a lake at the TV station, that has a good view of sunsets and is a popular picnic spot.

Bathi Gudda
Bathi Gudda is situated 4 km from Davangere city towards Harihara. From the top of this hill, the city looks scenic. On this hill, there is a Temple and Dargah where believers go for prayers and mercies. Chaman Sha Wali Dargah of Baathi is a famous place to visit for all communities. Every year there are festivities conducted jointly by all the community leaders. Near this hill, the Bhadra sugar factory and Bathi lake are situated. Visitors can even visit the Davangere Dairy located in Bathi, which supplies milk to Davanagere and Chitradurga District.

Kondajji is situated around 12 km from Davangere city. It is a major scout and guides camp for south India which is named in commemoration of former Union minister and Scouts veteran, Kondajji Basappa. In Kondajji there are 3 hills and a lake, and a boating facility on the lake is available.

Uchangidurga is located 30 km from Davangere, on the Annaji route. It is a historic place and has an old fort. Adjacent to Uchangidurga, there is village called Karadidurga (Land of Bear). It is believed that the Sri Hanuman Temple in the village was worshipped by the bears in the fort.

Anjaneya Swamy Temple, Shamanur
Shamanur is famous for Sri Anjaneya Swamy temple. The temple traces its origin with the history of Shamanur village around 800 years ago installed by Shri Vyasaraja swami.

The temple was renovated in the year 2000. A new Dravidian style temple was erected in place of the old temple with the overwhelming co-operation of villagers and Davangere people. The temple was inaugurated by Dr. Shivamurthy Shivacharya Mahaswamiji of Taralabalu Jagadguru Brihanmath, Sirigere on March 11, 2000. The temple houses Lord Hanuman which is the village deity of Shamanur.The Sanctum Sanctorum houses the main idol of Hanuman which is about 6 foot tall and is the centre of worship. The temple also serves Davangere people for worship and is crowded especially on Saturdays.

Shanthi Sagara
Shanthi Sagara near Davangere, is a major water supply source and also the second-largest pond in Asia. It was built by namesake Princess Shanthi during the 12th century. Now it is a source for both drinking water and agriculture. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Siddeshwara near the lake. An aqueduct designed by Sir M Vishweshwariah is also a major tourist attraction. The government is taking steps to improve tourist attractions in the area.

Anekonda Eshwara temple
The Eshwara temple at Anekonda is a little one in the Hoysala style. It was restored about 1912 with mud walls and plastered. Originally it had three cells, though there are only 2 at present, the south cell being no longer in existence and a navaranga. The garbhgriha doorway is well-executed and has figure of Gajalakshmi in the middle of the lintel. The sukhanasi door-way, which is also good, has ornamental screens at the sides and a figure of Siva on the lintel, flanked on the left by Vishnu and Subramanya, and on the right by Brahma and Ganapati, with makaras beyond these on both the sides.

Santhebennur is a village situated from Davangere at 40 km, is famous for a pond called "Pushkarani," locally called "Honda." Apart from the structure in the center, four more can be seen on the surrounding steps, and there are two more - one each on the left & right. The Pushkarani itself is in front of a gallery kind of structure, open towards the Pushkarani, and without any rooms. These structures are built with a mix of stone, bricks & mortar.

Punyasthala is a village situvated from Davanagere at 38 km, it is famous for temples, it called chathurtha manthralaya, and has minimum 25 temples situvated in one place like venkateswara,aadi subramanya. raghavendra swami, narasimha swami, Ganesh, Nava graha,Rama,Krishna,kannika parameswari,etc.

State Protected Monuments in Devanagere
State Protected Monuments officially reported by Archeological Survey of India in Devanagere, Karnataka is listed below

State Protected Monuments in Devanagere
  • Eswara Temple (Anakonda)
  • Iswara Temple (Nandigudi)
  • Eswara Temple (Nanditavare)
  • Rajamadakaarinayakana
  • Thimmanna Nayaka's Tomb
  • Kalleswara Swamy Temple
  • Ranganathaswami Temple

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple

Sri Anjaneya Swamy Temple in Shamanur, Davangere district of Karnataka is a famous place of worship. Durgambika Temple is located in the Old town or Halepet area, Shivaji Nagar in Davangere district of Karnataka. Shri Guru Kottureshwara Temple in Kudligi is dedicated to Saint Kottureshwara, is a renowned temple situated in the Bellary district in Karnataka. Harihareshwara Temple is located in the Davanagere district near the town of Harihar.