Forts in Karnataka

In Karnataka there are thousands of Forts. In Kannada fiorts are called as Kote or Gad or Durga. Bidar, Gulbarga, Bijapur, Vijayanagara, Badami, Basava Kalyan, Srirangapattan, Keladi, Chitradurga and Mysore are famous for their forts.

Anegondi Fort
Belgaum Fort
Bellary Fort
Bidar Fort
Bijapur Fort
Chitradurga Fort
Gulbarga Fort
Jamalabad Fort
Kavaledurga Fort
Kittur Fort
Madhugiri Fort
Manjarabad Fort
Manzarabad Fort
Midigeshi Fort
Mirjan Fort
Nandi Hill Fort
Nargund Fort
Parasgad Fort
Pavagada Fort
Raichur Fort
Sandur Fort
Saundatti Fort
Savanadurga Fort
Shahapur Fort
Shorapur Fort
Sravanadurga Fort
Srirangapatana Fort
Ucchangi Fort
Vallabhgad Fort
Vijayanagar Fort

Kittur Chennamma Fort in the Belgaum district is a fort built in all its majestic glory by Queen Chennamma of Kittur. The fort is located in the town of Kittur that is situated at a distance of about 50 km from Belgaum and around 32 km from Dharwad. The Kittur Fort was built by Allppa Gowda SarDesai, the fifth ruler of the Kittur dynasty during his rule from 1660 to 1691 A.D. He also constructed a grand palace inside the fort that served as his residence. The fort was constructed by using black basalt rock that was found in plenty in the surrounding areas of Kittur.

Chitradurga Fort of Karnataka is noted for the massive stone edifice set on the hilltop of the Chitradurga District. The Chitradurga Fort of Karnataka is situated about 200 kilometers from the garden city of Bangalore in Karnataka. Chitradurga derives its name from Chitrakaldurga.

The Gulbarga Fort in Karnataka was constructed by Raja Gulchand and is the most important monument in Gulbarga.

The Tipu's Fort in Karnataka is a very famous tourist destination. The Tipu's Fort is set in the heart of the Bangalore city opposite to the city market.

The Bellary Fort of Karnataka is set on the top of the Ballari Gudda by Hanumappa Nayaka during Vijayanagara rule. In the year 1769, Hyder Ali, the ruler of Bangalore took away the Bellary Fort of Karnataka from the Nayaka family after defeating its ruler.

The Bidar Fort of Karnataka is a 15th century fort and situated in the heart of the garden city of Bangalore. The Bidar Fort of Karnataka stands erect to tell the tale of India's richly textured history of the past.

Basavakayana is one of the most ancient forts in the state. The historical town of Basavakalan is known for its archaeological splendor and the fort is set right in the middle of all that beauty. The place which used to have tall erect structures with red polished bricks and wood works is not reduced to majestic ruins. The place is however an archaeological splendor with several artifact and sculptures being excavated from here.

Devanahalli Fort is one of the oldest forts in Karnataka which was built in 1501 by Mallabairegowda. The fort was passed on into many hands and the current fort which we see was built by Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.