Galibore Fishing Nature Camp

Situated 95 km from Bangalore, Galibore Fishing Camp is in the middle of wildnerness overlooking the River Cauvery , surrounded by wooded hills. Experience the river on a coracle trek that trails leading to the hills across. Or wait for a Mahseer - the king of game fish renowned as the largest freshwater game fish. A hard fighter. It's rewarding. Spend a night lit by hurricane lamps. Savour the ethnic cuisine. It's out of this world. You can enjoy fishing, Trekking, Coracle ride at Jungle Lodges Galibore.

Galibore Fishing & Nature Camp is favorable all year round for nature lovers. November to March is ideal for anglers. Angling for the largest freshwater game fish - the mighty Mahseer is an unique attraction.

The activities at Galibore Fishing & Nature Camp are:

  1. Mahseer angling on the River Cauvery
  2. Joy fishing Coracle rides
  3. Nature walks
  4. Bird watching

Trekking in Galibore Fishing Camp

Trekking in Galibore Fishing Camp may not be as highly ranked as fishing, but it is certainly an experience to look forward to. The hilly terrain and scrub forests of Galibore Fishing Camp offer two trekking trails. One is a short one-hour trek to a watch tower on a nearby hillock and the other ,a six-hour trek around Chelure Hill. Guides are available for both these treks at the Galibore Fishing Camp. The short trek is ideal for those short of time, but it is quite strenuous. The trail begins along the riverbank and ascends to a hillock. The watch tower offers magnificent views of the Cauvery meandering through the hills. The long trek from Galibore takes one around the Chelure Hill. This 7.5-km trail is a circuitous route through the jungles and back to the campsite. The elevation is up to 580 mt. The sounds of the distant Cauvery keep one company throughout the trek. The mysterious calls of the jungle could belong to the birds and animals hiding in the thickets. It is advisable to stick to the trekking trail and not venture into the jungles. Trekking in Galibore Fishing Camp thus caters to both the trekking enthusiast as well as tthose constrained by time and energy. The rustic comforts of the camp, the complete disconnect with civilization, the availability of guides and the choices of trails makes trekking in the Cauvery Fishing camp a memorable one. Galibore Fishing Camp may have hooked the anglers, but trekking is not far behind.

How to Reach Galibore Fishing Nature Camp

By Road: 100 km from Bangalore (turn left at Kankapura on to a village road leading to Sangam, the confluence of the two rivers Arakavathi and Cauvery. From here it is a drive of about 9 km on a gravel track to the Camp.