Kakkabe is a picturesque little village in Karnataka's Western Ghats & is the largest producer of sweetest honey in South-east Asia. Kakkabe is a beautiful hill station lying under the silhouette of Thadiyendamol peak, in the midst of densely populated rain forest and coffee plantations.

Kakkabe is noted for its natural scenic beauty. On a clear day, one can even view the distant Arabian sea from Thadiyendamol, the tallest peak in the region. An uneven mountain terrain interlinked with thriving coffee and cardamom plantations, sprinkled hamlets and paddy cultivation lands. The place shot to the fame for cool nice weather, undulated green thriving hills and beautiful scenery around.

A popular base for rain forest treks, Kakkabe is home to some uncommon and extraordinary orchids and plants. These forests are known for some wildlife species like pangolin, barking deer, various kinds of birds and flying squirrel.

Kakkabe is thriving and has grown to a popular tourist destination. Nalnad palace and Iguthappa temple are main attractions here and tourists can undertake some adventurous activities like trekking and rock climbing. The Padi Iguthappa Temple, the most famous temple of the Kodavas, is situated here. One can visit the world famous honey farms and the pretty beautiful palace, Nalnad Palace, which is also know to fame as hunting lodge.

The landscape of Kakkabe is still mostly unspoiled and unexploited and the treks through the dense forest are highly challenging and hugely rewarding for an enthusiast traveler. A birdwatchers paradise, Kakkabe is an extraordinarily marvelous place to visit.

How to Reach Kakkabe

Kakkabe By Air : Mangalore is the nearest domestic Airport, which is 135 km away and Bangalore is the nearest international Airport, which is 250 km away. Cab costs about Rs 2500 from Mangalore and Rs 4000 from Bangalore. Mangalore air terminal is connected to Bangalore and Chennai. Bangalore airport is well connected to almost all airports in India. International flights to major foreign cities are also operated from Bangalore.

Kakkabe By Train : The nearest rail heads are Mysore (125km), Hassan (115 km) and Kannur (110 km). Mangalore is the major junction nearest to Kakkabe. Manglore is well connected to all cities in India. Taxi cab costs about Rs 2500 from Mangalore to Kakkabe.

Kakkabe By Bus : Kakkabe is well connected by KSRTC buses; these buses touch all major cities in and around Kakkabe. Many tourist buses from Mangalore and Kozhikode passes through Kakkabe and it cost about Rs 3 - Rs 4 per kilometer.

Tourist Attractions in Kakkabe

Nalnad Palace
Nalnad palace, built by Dodda Viraraja in 1792, once belonged to the Hindu king Langaraja, promises the tourists a valued visit and enthralls everybody with its eye-catching paintings and marvelous architecture.

Used as a hunting lodge, it is not a palace in the usual meaning. It is a double storied structure used by the Kodava kings. The palace has intricate wood carvings all around the structure. Nalnad Palace is situated at the bottom of the highest peak Thadiyandamol. Decorated with ancient paintings and historical architecture, Nalnad Palace attracts many to its fold.

Karada, Kakkabe
Karada has one of the finest ancestral homes in the Kakkabe region and is not so far from Kakkabe center. From this place, the far-off horizon is spotted with a large number of peaks. Karada offers exciting adventure, mix of scenic beauty and maximum fun for those seeking the nature's beauty and long terrain hills.

Ancestral Home known as Iyne Mane provides the required stay in an exquisite 250 years old architectural ancient building. One can relish the taste of traditional Kodava cuisine and the most exciting hospitality. A morning dip in the mountain stream or a trek along the beautiful scenic trails or a hand on experience with the environments in the coffee and spices plantations, the promises of the Karada hang about is a memorable treat for tourists.

Rock Climbing in Kakkabe
A fast growing adventurous sport, Rock climbing, is packed with excitement and if one wants to experience this thrilling sport, Thadiyendamol in Kakkabe invites with its full vibrancy. This sport is a real challenging one, straining and pushing out all your energies out of you. This hill provides easy and convenient access to climbers.

In Kakkabe, Rock climbing will feel almost like mountaineering except that instead of snow there are rocks involved in this adventure sport. If you are good at climbing, then you can definitely try out this sport in Thadiyendamol, but certain climbs can often prove grueling, merciless and tough, but the fancy and magic of the surrounding mountains in Kakkabe will keep spirits high up to sky.

Recommended time to Rock climbing is September to May.

Igguthappa Temple, Kakkabe
The Padi Igguthappa temple, one of most important temple of Kodavs - the tribal inhabitants in Kakkabe, is dedicated to Iguthappa, another name for Lord Subramanya. The devotees believe in the miracles by Iguthappa, where any one can ask for anything from this super power God.

Farmers in and around this area usually offer prayers and offerings for rains during the famous Annual festival in the temple conducted during the month of March. Tulabhara, weighing oneself against fruits, sugar, coconuts, rice etc, is an important offering here. This temple governs significant role in the cultural and traditional life of the place.

Trekking in Kakkabe
Kakkabe is a trekker's pleasure to those people seeking for serenity, as there a number of treks small and medium and of varying grades that is apt for most visitors. Though most trails are parasite infected during the monsoon.

The most admired trek is the one to the undulated Thadiyendamol peak - it has the prestige of being the second highest peak in Karnataka. It is a long trek and the view from the hill top is imposing and breathtaking. Trek to the waterfalls nearby through the coffee plantations. The well laid trekking trails in Thadiandamol is challenging and enjoyable.

Another fascinating trekking trail starts from Chelavara village and leads through the various waterfalls including Baliatra falls, Emmepare Falls, Thadiandamol peak and the ruined structures of Nalakkanad palace and ends at the Iguthappa peak. It is really a thrilling experience to trek through these stunning and appealing forests of Kakkabe.

Recommended time for Trekking is September to May.

Tadiyendamol, Kakkabe
Tadiyendamol, nearly 1746 meters above sea level, is the highest peak in Kodagu district of Karnataka. Tadiyandamol has the distinction of being the second highest mountain in Karnataka, the first being the Mullayanagiri in Chickamaglur district.

Situated near to Kakkabe town, Thadiyendamol is a trekkers' paradise. The views from the hill top are awesome and breathtaking. This peak serves as a land mark to sea travelers, towering majestically over lesser peaks. It is one of the most picturesque and enchanting spot in south India with unspoiled original forest and natural tiny recurrent springs all around. This is an ideal base camp for trekkers and the palace estate located at the foot of the peak offers the perfect stay.

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