Koodlu Theertha

Koodlu Theertha (Sita falls) is a breathtaking waterfalls in Hassan district, Karnataka, adjacent to the Agumbe ranges. Kudlu Theertha Falls is located at a distance of 42 Km from Udupi near Hebri. Kudlu Theertha Falls is located amid jungles of Western Ghats in Udupi district and recognized as the first water fall of river Sita.

The water falls from a height of 126 feet directly to the pond. It is believed that this pond is holy because many sages performed penance here many years ago.

There is another water fall above Kudlu Theertha called Manga Theertha (Monkey Theertha) because only Monkeys can reach this water fall as the path is very steep inside the forest.

Trekking in Kudlu Theertha Falls
To trekk to Kudlu Theertha Falls one has to take a left detour before 6 kms to Hebri, another left after another 3-4 kms. The road will end at the banks of river Sita.There is a Burma bridge on the right side to cross the river. After that one has to walk for 4 kms inside the jungle. There will be a small stream which has to be crossed to reach the foothills and from here a 3-4 kms of trekking will take you to this location.

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