Krishnagiri is a small city that is located in the Krishnagiri District, Tamil Nadu. It is an extremely fertile region and mainly known for its agriculture.

Krishnagiri is generally believed to be the origin place of mangoes. Krishnagiri is located around 90 km South of Bangalore and around 45 km from Hosur.

The Krishnagiri Dam is one of the leading attractions in the place and it is currently being expanded. Krishnagiri is one of the oldest inhabited areas in the country. There are many archeological sites that can be found in the area. Many of them date back to the Neolithic, Monolithic and Paleolithic ages. There are many cave and rock paintings that can be seen in the area and they date back to the Indus Valley civilizations. Evidence of inhabitation during the Iron Age has also been found in Krishnagiri.

Krishnagiri was ruled by the Chola Kings and Kongu Nadu Kings. Their influences can be found even today in Krishnagiri. Krishnagiri has been ruled by many other dynasties such as Cholas, Pandyas, Cheras, Nulambas and Bijapur empires. The ancient fort that is located in Krishnagiri pays tribute to the architectural brilliance of these rulers. There are many temples and other sites that are found in the region as well.