Kempegowda Tower in Lalbagh

The origin and history of Lalbagh goes back to 18th century. But there are structures in Lalbagh which date back to 16th century, the oldest among these are some structures of artistic-importance constructed during the last century. The oldest among these is the "KEMPEGOWDA TOWER" It is about four hundred and fifty years old constructed by the celebrated Kempegowda, ruler FO Yalanka Nad and founder of Bangalore city . He constructed four such towers at four cardinal points out side the town. He predicted that the town would extend up to these limits set by him. Now the city has grown far beyond these limits. The original shape of Kempegowda tower was not as it looks now.

Earlier it was plain with four pillars supporting the upper storey where a watchman could sit and watch the surrounding. It also had an ornamental pot like dome. The tower was altered during the tenure of Sir Kengal Hanumanthaiah, Chief Minister of Mysore state during 1952-56. The alteration of the tower was done with an idea of giving better look and to make it visible from another end of double road (K.H. Road) of about a mile distance. Now the tower looks more like a Hindu temple tower as it has motifs and relief figure of Hindu mythology over the tower. The remodelling was done without altering the four supporting pillars and base of the tower. One can have a panoramic view of Lalbagh and enjoy good breeze from gardens of Lalbagh, while standing beneath the tower.