Lumbini Gardens, Bangalore

Lumbini Gardens is a wave pool with an artificial beach, situated on the Outer Ring Road on the banks of the Nagawara Lake. It is also an exclusive boating and leisure complex with a variety of entertainment activities introduced for the first time in Bangalore. The leisure park is set up at a cost of over Rs 10 crore. Visitors without any age restrictions are allowed inside the gardens. The pool provides the best and safest form of entertainment. It also has a children's pool. The pool is situated in an area of 12,500 square feet.

The wave pool of Lumbini Gardens is a major attraction of the place. The pool consists of an artificial beach that attracts visitors of all age groups. The waves of the pool are not huge and that makes it possible for visitors to take a dip here. The 100 meter long pool also has a water slide for the amusement of visitors.

Other rides and attractions available at the park are:

  • Merry-go-rounds in several shapes and sizes
  • A toy train shaped like a giraffe
  • Battery operated cars
  • Twirling Vortex fantasy ride
  • Spanish bull fight rides
  • Bungee jumping on a trampoline
  • Caterpillar Ride
  • Columbus Ride
  • Break dance ride
  • Pirate ship
  • Bouncy ride
  • A 25 foot high statue of Buddha that stands grandly inside the park
  • A clock tower that resembles the Big Ben of London
Professional lifeguards enable an inexperienced boater to enjoy these rides and also to ensure ones complete safety on waters. One can endeavour different boats and water entertainment here from two seaters to 15 seaters. An array of boats, a floating coffee shop and many more form an attraction. In the next phase one can experience the pleasure of being virtually on a beach at the wave pool.

There is also a water-skiing device for thrill seekers, alongside an exclusive speedboat. There are a variety of activities catering to children who can enjoy swings, spanish bullfights and the like. Food courts and restaurants are also a part of this affair. A Water treatment plant with a capacity to treat 5 lakh litres per day is being installed. A nursery with 20,000 plants of different species is being developed.

A modern filtration plant is used to maintain the quality of water in the pool. A specialized lifeguard is also employed through a master agency. He is always on the standby for extra safety.

Boating in Lumbini Gardens

One of the main attractions of Lumbini Gardens is the various kinds of boat rides it offers on the Nagavara Lake. These include rides on pedal boats, general boats, coffee boats, battery boats, etc. Boat rides can be enjoyed on 2-seater boats, 4-seater boats or in boats that can accommodate families and groups. The rides can be booked for various time slots. The coffee boat ride allows visitors to enjoy a cup of coffee while cruising on the lake. The coffee boat ride takes 20 people on each ride around the pool. Jet skis are also available for those visitors who are of a more adventurous kind.

Lumbini Gardens Entry Fees

The entry fees of lumbini gardens is Rs. 80 per person Entry fee, 80 per person Boating fee, 300 per person Wavepool fee (Adult), 30 per person Camera fee. Cashless facility is not available. So we suggest you carry cash.

TimingsEntry FeesWavePool Charges
11:00 AM – 7:00 PM80300

Lumbini Gardens Ltd
Nagawara Lake, Ring Road, Hebbal,
Bangalore – 560 045, Karnataka
Phone Numbers: 08 32997009, 65679037, +91 934 3444646, 1031409


Event Zone

Lumbini Gardens also allows the hosting of parties and events there. The place can be used to host birthday parties, school picnics, wedding receptions, corporate events, etc. There is a party hall facing the lake that is ideal for arranging parties and events.

There are charges for the various boat rides like the pedal boats, general boats, coffee boats, etc. Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the park. Visitors have to pay for the food and beverages available at the food courts and coffee shop. Though lifeguards are available, it is advisable to wear life jackets during the boat rides on the lake. It is advisable to be on guard against mosquitoes that inundate the garden in the late evening hours. The place is generally crowded on weekends and long queues form for the various boat rides. During summer it is advisable to carry sunglasses and caps while visiting the park. Jet skis can be hired by visitors but are not frequently available. The park has plenty of parking space and so, visitors can drive in to the place in their own cars.