Mahadevapura is a town and a city municipal council in Bangalore district in Karnataka. A great picnic spot which is quite far away from modern world. A famous spot for film makers shooting nature scapes, forest scenes and adventurous events. The place is also named as Ranganathittu (the original place being located near Srirangapatna) - Gende Hosalli Bird Sanctuary. The picnic spot is just 1Km away from the village Mahadevapura. The river Cauvery (Kaveri) flows through a thick forest surrounding the place. The village is setup with some artificial items by film makers for shooting.

People staying at Mysore can reach this place easily as it is only 20Kms away from Mysore. They have pass through Udayagiri (located at outskirt of Mysore) and Rammanahalli. The same road also continues towards Bannur and Mandya. After reaching the village Mahadevapura, people can ask the local people to reach the river spot. They have to take right turn two times within 2Kms. They have to travel in a small mud road to reach the picnic spot. People travelling from Bangalore can reach this place either from Mandya or Srirangapatna. Tourists visiting place from Mandya, take left diversion at the Mandya city and proceed towards Kothathi, 7 Kms from Mandya. Take right turn at Kothathi and travel towards Kodiyala, 6 Kms from Kothathi. After 4-5 Kms people will reach Arakere and Mandya Koppalu circle within 2 Kms. Take right turn here and proceed towards Mahadevapura. This road is not good for travelling. There is one more way to reach Mahadevapura in this route. From Mandya proceed towards Srirangapatna in Bangalore-Mysore main road. Before reaching Srirangapatna (2Kms) people will reach Baburayana Koppalu. Take left turn here and proceed in Karighatta road to reach Mahadevapura which is 13Kms from Baburayana Koppalu.

Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy Temple
Sri Yoganarasimha swamy temple location is a feast to bird photographers as it is declared as a Bird Sanctuary. The place is un disturbed by the modern world and lot of migratory birds visit this place during the entire year. The place is located on the banks of river Kaveri. During rainy season it is dangerous to go for swimming in the river as the current will be very high. There is also a small old temple in the place but locked for most of the time. People can enjoy the scenic beauty and swimming during summer as the water current will be less. There are certain specific spots in the village and surroundings which are frequently used by film makers. The village is surrounded by rich green irrigated lands.

No food and shelter available in this place. People have to return either to Mysore, Mandya or Srirangapatna. Only 2-3 hours is sufficient to visit this place and return. People planning for bird photography can stay a day for their work. The people in the place are not fond of visitors and so there will not be any disturbance. Main transportation is only Bus. People can travel by train from Bangalore to Mandya, Srirangapatna or Mysore. Better to hire a private vehicle as the bus transport is not that good and frequent to this place.

Distance from Mahadevapura to Kodihalli is 10.5 km and takes around 30 min via Doddanekundi Main Rd and Old Airport Road.