Nilambur is a town that is located in the Mallapuram District in the State of Kerala. It is famous for its forests and natural beauty. The place has many natural waterfalls, rivers and it is surrounded by greenery for many months of the year.

The place is situated near the Nilagiri Hills and the Chailyar River runs near the town of Nilambar. There are many tea plantations located in the town and driving through the plantation, which is a popular tourist attraction, can be pleasant.

The place also has the oldest teak plantation in the world and this is called Connolly's Pot. There is a temple called the Nilambur Kovilkulam which is a popular place and many festivals are held in the temple. There are a few nearby places that one can visit and some of them are Edakara, Chungathara and Pookutumpadam. The hanging bridge located in Nilambur is the longest one in the state and it is popular among the tourists.

There is a teak museum that one can visit in the town as well. Nedumkayam is a forest reserve and there is an elephant camp located in it. It is situated around 18 km from Nilambur. Kalamoola Valipolla is a place where small waterfalls are located.