Pakshipathalam is situated in Brahmagiri Hills and is about 36 km drive from Mananthavady and 7 km from Thirunelli. Situated about 1740 m above the sea level, it is a favourite destination of adventure tourists, ornithologists and nature-lovers.

The tourists have to cover about 17 km through forests to reach Pakshipathalam and prior permission from Forest Department is necessary to visit the place. The District Tourism Promotion Council arranges vehicles, guides and camping equipment, on request.

Rocky hillocks and deep rock caves are characteristics of the region and it is a haven for myriads of birds and wild animals. The thick block of rocks in the area offer a challenging trek. The place is also believed to have provided a serene haven to ancient sages. It is said that the sages and godmen used to reach here during their wanderings and had taken shelter in the deep caves in the area.

Garudan Kunnu and Bhuthathan Kunnu are the prominent places in Pakshipathalam. According to legends, Garuda, the eagle king of birds took rest on a rock on the Karimala peak in the region. Visitors can see a small rocky projection which resembles an eagle. Owing to its shape, it is known as Garudankunnu or the rock of Garuda. During the trek into the region, the visitors can also see a watchtower, situated among thick greenery of the forest. Visitors can do bird watching from the tower. Some rare birds like Asian fairy blue bird, the paradise flycatcher, the gold fronted chloropsis, the emerald dove etc. can be spotted in the area.

Equip yourself with powerful binoculars on your way to Pakshipathalam. The rocks on the trail can be slippery during monsoon and the authorities prevent the trip to the area from February to May fearing summer forest fires.