Route Map Driving Directions Bangalore to Kanpur

Driving directions Bangalore to Kanpur, Karnataka
Distance between Bangalore and Kanpur is 1837 km. Travel Time is 28 hours. Car Rental Fare, City Taxi Fare, Fuel Cost & Auto Fare. Bangalore and Kanpur KSRTC Rajahamsa, Rajahamsa Executive, Airavat, Airavat Club Class, Airavat Bliss, Airavat Superia Volvo, Suvarna Karnataka Sarige and Corona AC Sleeper Bangalore and Kanpur KSRTC Bus Timings, Timetable, Arrival, Departure, Tickets Reservation and Minimum Fare from Bangalore and Kanpur, Shortest Radial Distance, government bus services, Road Condition, how many hours journey, Cities Between, Restaurants, travel experience by Road, Bangalore and Kanpur Trip Tour Packages, Bangalore and Kanpur Train Timings Fare, Taxi Fare from Bangalore and Kanpur.

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  1. Head north towards Vittal Mallya Rd 38 m
  2. Turn left onto Vittal Mallya Rd
  3. Pass by Cafe Coffee Day (on the left) 59 m
  4. Turn left onto Kasturba Rd/Raja Rammohan Roy Rd/Vittal Mallya Rd 8 m
  5. Make a U-turn 750 m
  6. Turn left onto Queens Rd
  7. Drive along the park (on the left for 450 m) 900 m
  8. Continue onto Rajbhavan Rd
  9. Pass by HP Petrol Pump (on the right) 800 m
  10. Turn right onto Palace Rd 210 m
  11. Slight left at Dharmaprakash Devarao Shivaram Ubhayaker Circle onto Chowdaiah Rd/Sankeys Rd
  12. Pass by Bangalore Palace (on the right in 1.8 km) 2.1 km
  13. Turn right onto Bellary Rd/Chowdaiah Rd 130 m
  14. Take the 1st right 87 m
  15. Turn left onto Bellary Rd
  16. Pass by Electric Crematorium (on the right in 5.0 km) 5.7 km
  17. Slight right onto Bangalore Navayuga Elevated Toll Rd 4.2 km
  18. 13. Continue onto Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy/Bellary Rd
  19. Continue to follow Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy
  20. Pass by the lake (on the left in 5.8 km) 8.0 km
  21. Turn left 18 m
  22. Take the 1st right toward Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy
  23. Pass by Reliance Petrol Bunk (on the left in 1.1 km) 2.1 km
  24. Turn right toward Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy 12 m
  25. Take the 1st left onto Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy
  26. Partial toll road 142 km
  27. Continue onto Kanyakumari Rd
  28. Pass by MeeSevs Center (on the left in 1.8 km) 2.8 km
  29. Turn left onto Bangalore - Hyderabad Hwy
  30. Partial toll road
  31. Pass by Bharat Petroleum (on the right in 376 km) 377 km
  32. Continue onto AH 43/NH 7 130 m
  33. Slight left onto the slip road to ORR
  34. Toll road 210 m
  35. Keep left at the fork and merge onto ORR
  36. Toll road 60.5 km
  37. Take exit 5 towards Medak Road/Balanagar
  38. Partial toll road 600 m
  39. Turn left onto Hyderabad-Narsapur Road/SH6
  40. Continue to follow Hyderabad-Narsapur Road
  41. Go through 1 roundabout
  42. Pass by state bank of hyderabad (on the right in 2.7 km) 2.9 km
  43. Turn left at Gandi Maisamma Cross Road
  44. Pass by Gland Pharma Ltd (on the left in 300 m) 9.8 km
  45. Slight right toward AH 43/NH 7 35 m
  46. Take the 1st left onto AH 43/NH 7
  47. Partial toll road 37.3 km
  48. Turn left toward AH 43/NH 7 4.3 km
  49. Turn left onto AH 43/NH 7
  50. Partial toll road
  51. Pass by IOC Petrol Pump (on the left in 241 km) 365 km
  52. Turn left onto AH 43/MH SH 264/NH 7
  53. Pass by Abha Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering (on the left in 42.5 km) 48.7 km
  54. Exit onto Outer Ring Rd
  55. Pass by Atey (Dr) (Mrs) M R (on the right in 8.2 km) 43.3 km
  56. Continue onto AH 43/NH 7
  57. Pass by Om Sai HP Auto Center, Hindustan Petroleum (on the left in 57.3 km) 135 km
  58. Turn left toward AH 43/NH 7 4.9 km
  59. Continue straight onto AH 43/NH 7
  60. Pass by Rai Petroleum (on the left in 20.1 km) 21.0 km
  61. Slight left to merge onto N - South Corridor
  62. Pass by Anil Kathal IOC Petrol Pump (on the left in 83.4 km) 88.8 km
  63. Turn left to stay on N - South Corridor
  64. Pass by Well (on the left in 101 km) 120 km
  65. Slight left onto the slip road to NH 86 400 m
  66. Turn left onto NH 86
  67. Pass by Government Hospital (on the left in 99.3 km) 150 km
  68. Slight right to stay on NH 86 68.5 km
  69. Turn left to stay on NH 86
  70. Pass by Mandi Samiti (on the left in 120 km) 128 km
  71. Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh