Sathanur Reservoir

Sathanur is a village located near Magadi in Bangalore district of Karnataka. It was the birthplace of musician/composer Pandareeka Vittala.

About 65 km from Bangalore, You need to go to Magadi, a town of medium size from where it is just about 8 kilometers. You should continue on from Magadi and you need to take a right diversion from the main road joining Magadi and Huliyurudurga at Byranahalli/Sathanur cross. Then you will immediately hit a road which was made of only mud till recently. It was tarred during the 400th birth anniversary celebration of Pandareeka Vittala in 2002 when a lot of eminent people and a couple of prominent politicians visited this easily forgotten hamlet. However the road is again acquiring its old characteristics.

You will cross a small bridge built over an equally small stream of about 8 feet in width. Going on straight, you will see green fields on both the sides of the road (especially in Autumn). After a few minutes of treading the same path, on your right, you will see an old building with a tiled roof. This is the primary school building.

Sathanur Dam & Reservoir

Sathanur Dam, is one of the major dams constructed across the Pennaiyar River. Sathanur Dam is constructed across the Thenpennai River in Thandarampet Taluk among Chennakesava Hills. The dam can be reached by road 30 km (19 mi) from Thiruvannamalai Town. It was constructed in 1958. There is also a large crocodile farm and a fish grotto. Parks are maintained inside the dam for tourists to visit and the gardens have been used by the film industry.