Shanthi Sagara Dam

Shanthi Sagara also called Sulekere Asias second largest irrigation tank. It is located in Kerebilchi and Kagatoor of Channagiri taluk of Davanagere in Karnataka.

Shanti Sagara tank, created by an embankment with sluice outlets, built in 1128, the tank has a history of 800 years. It took three years to construct the massive tank. The tank, which has a water spread of 6,550 acres (2,651 ha), has a circumference of 30 km (19 mi). It has a total drainage basin of 81,483 acres (32,975 ha). It irrigates 4,700 acres (1,900 ha) of land and more than 170 villages are benefited by it.

The tank receives the drainage of twenty square miles. All of the drainage pours into the gorge where it is built (the main stream bearing the name of Haridra, a tributary of the Tungabhadra). The embankment is constructed between two hills, and embankment is of no great length; it is around 950 ft (290 m), but it is of stupendous width (Max 120 ft (37 m),min 70 ft (21 m)), height and strength, though not quite straight. The main road connecting between channagiri and Davanagere pass through on this embankment.[3] It has resisted successfully the floods of centuries, but owing to the great pressure of the volume of the water in tank.

It has two sluices. That to the north is called the "Sidda", and that to the south the "Basava". Notwithstanding the damaged state of the sluices and the great force of the water when escaping through them, the embankment has always remained firm and uninjured, a satisfactory proof of the solidity of the structure.