Sita Nadi

Sita Nadi located near Agumbe in the Shimoga district of Karnataka is must-visit for adventure seekers. Sita River flows for approximately 60kms before meeting the Arabian Sea towards the west. Agumbe is a small tropical town, nestled in the Western Ghats, which has been given the sobriquet of 'Cherrapunji of the South' because it receives a very high amount of rainfall.

One can opt for a stretch of 16 to 18 kms rapids or 22 to 28 kms rapids as well as for mild rapids or for a wild roller-coaster experience. Rafting on Sita Nadi takes between 6 to 8 hours depending upon the stretch of the chosen water course. Several experienced & certified organizers are available to impart instructions on rafting and they also provide the participants with safety and other equipment (such as life jackets and helmets) along with a guide on each rafting boat. Adequate precautions are taken to ensure the participants? safety. Accommodation is available at local resorts and visitors must plan their trip early as this region is extremely popular and thus, sees a lot of tourist traffic almost through the year.

141 kms from Agumbe are the Jog Falls, one of the most spectacular and breath-taking waterfalls in the country. Flowing from the Sharavati River, the Jog Falls cascade to a height of about 830 feet and are sure to make the Niagara Falls look almost pale in comparison! However, due to the surrounding mist one should have plentiful patience to wait and watch the falls materialise through the thick clouds. The view is completely mesmerising and worth it! Sharavati Wildlife Sanctuary is also worth a visit. 17 kms from Agumbe is Nisaragdhama and treks are often organised in this area for the enthusiastic. Visitors however should beware of leeches which are abundant in the area and take precautions accordingly.

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