Sri Anantheshwara Temple, Udupi

Located in Manjeshwar, Udupi the Anantheshwara Temple is well-known as 'Manjula Kshetra' and 'the temple of 18 towns'. Anantheshwara Temple has a long heritage that dates back to a thousand years. The temple has very intricate carving in wood and stone as the Altar is the master piece of art. It is believed that Parashurama upon recovering land from the sea, coroneted his devotee Ramabhoja as a ruler. Unintentionally, he once wiped out a snake. To get himself off from sarpa dosha, he made a silver Peetham with a snake cut out on it. Ramabhoja then installed Parashurama in the Linga swaroopam (form) and revered him as Anantheshwara. Thus, the temple of Anantheshwara came into being.

How to reach Sri Anantheshwara Temple
Buses, cabs and auto rickshaws are ways to get around the city. Buses generally start and end at the main bus stand, but stops at various locations throughout the city. Walking around the city when the weather is good is safe, and a good experience.