St Patrick's Church in Bangalore

St Patrick's Church is situated on Brigade road in Bangalore. This church was originally built for Irish soldiers by Gail-Hot a military chaplain. He had spent eight thousand rupees for its construction. The Church was rebuilt in the year 1894. The church has been remodeled recently. However, recent constructions around the church and its frontage have obscured the majestic view of this Church.

The St Patrick's Church, Bangalore is one of the oldest churches in the city and is around 150 years old. The St Patrick's Church was consecrated as a cathedral in the year 1899. Father Chevalier was the main person behind the construction of this church, which boasts of a lovely arched entrance flanked by twin columns. There are twelve pillars in the church symbolizing the twelve apostles and this further add grace to the interiors of the church.

The people who have grown up in Bangalore are very well aware of St Patrick's Church on Brigade Road as it is easily recognizable by its twin spires. Every Sunday morning the special services are held in the church. The calmness and majestic of the church is sure o make you spell bound. If you are lucky then may be you can also see the wedding rituals being performed in the church.

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