Sudi is a panchayat town in the Gadag District of Karnataka. At one time it was a key town of the Kalyani Chalukyas during 1000 AD. It is famous for rare stone carved monuments like twin towered temple and large well built of stone and carvings, and few other structural temples. For long time these amazing structures were abandoned, but recently they caught the eye of the Indian Archeological Department.

Sudi was the capital of the Kalyana Chalukyas in 1100 AD. Kallyana Chalukya king's daughter Akkadevi ruled the place. There are also historical records indicating that coins were manufactured in this town during that time.

Sudi has several stone temples built by Maha Samanthadhipati Naga Deva in 1100 AD that have caught the attention of Karnataka State Archeological Department. Quite a few of these structures have been cleaned up. Besides age old structures there is also a tower (called Hude in native language) located in the center of the village. The richness of these temples can be viewed in the images posted here.