Sugreeva's Cave

Sugreeva's Cave is located on the banks of the river on the way to Vittala Temple near Hampi. While Ravana taken Sita by the flying chariot, Sita dropped her jewels as a sign to aid Rama. Sugreeva find the fallen jewels and safe keeps in the caves. Later he shows it to Rama and asserts that it was Ravana who has abducted Sita. Even the marks on the rock surface here are equated with the motifs on Sita's sari (costume). Next to it is a pond known after Sita's name.

The riverbank near Kodandarama Temple, near the Sugreeva's cave is the place where Rama crowned Sugreeva after killing Vali.

Malyantha Hill, located almost at the south fringes of the ruines site has a temple dedicated to Rama at its summit. Rama and Lakskmana waited here during the rainy season before raiding Lanka. A cleft on top of the hill is believed to have caused by Lakshmana's arrow.