Ucchangi is a hill fort near Davanagere, in Chitradurga Karnataka.

Ucchangi Durga Ellamma Temple

Ancient Ucchangi Ellamma temple is in Chitradurga, Karnataka. Pincode is 577501. Near by railway Stations are Chitradurga & Haliyuru.

The Uchangidurga temple is located on a small hill near Anaji, Davangere in Harapanahalli Taluk. It is about 30 kms from Davangere City. You need to take a deviation at Alur on the highway between Davangere & Chitradurga to reach Anaji and Uchangidurga, which is 25 kms away. Alur is 20 kms from Davangere towards Chitradurga on the national highway.

There is a fort and palace ruins on the top of this hillock. You need to trek the hillock to reach the temple of Goddess Durga who is known locally as "Uchangidurgi". The temple has annual festival when lacs of people from local villages gather here.

The trek up the hill is beautiful giving you a very good view of the local plains. You can see ruins of forts in the neighbouring hills also. You get a very good view upto a long distance from this fort. The trek path is beautifully made with well laid footsteps.

Once you reach up the hill you can see a palace ruin as you walk towards the temple. The temple is located on a small rise of the hill and gives you a very good view of the area from the temple corridors. You can enjoy the view of the sunrise and sunset from the temple. After monsoon you can enjoy the view of the plains around which is basically agriculture land. You will also see some water bodies here and there.

This place is an ideal place for a weekend trek and photographing. The place is easily accessible with good connecting roads. I am not sure about availability of local transport, though I found few auto rickshaws in the vicinity.