Udupi is a city and the headquarters of the Udupi District in Karnataka. Udupi is famous for the Krishna temple located here. It also lends its name to the Udupi cuisine which is famous across the world. Distance from Kannali to Check post, Bangalore-Honavar Road, Ambedkar Colony, Kadur is 193 km and travel time is around 3 h 37 min via SH 7.

It is widely believed that the name of Udupi was derived from its Tulu name Odipu. The Tulu name in turn is associated with a temple at Malpe, devoted to Vadabhandeshwara. Another story is that the name Udupi came from the combination of the Sanskrit words Udu and Pa, which mean "stars" and "lord." According to legend, the moon's light was once reduced due to a curse by King Daksha, whose 27 daughters (the 27 stars, according to Hindu astrology) were married to the moon. The moon prayed to Lord Shiva to get back its original shine. Lord Shiva was pleased with the moon's prayer and restored its shine. Legend says that the moon and his wives made their prayer at the Chandramouleeshwara temple at Udupi, creating a linga that can be seen even today. According to this story, therefore, Udupi means the land of the "lord of the stars," the moon.

Udupi is known for the Krishna Mutt. The Krishna Mutt was founded by the Vaishnavite saint Shri Madhvacharya in the 13th century. The daily sevas (offerings to god) and administration of the Krishna Mutt are managed by the Ashta Mathas (eight temples). Each of the Ashta Mathas performs temple management activities for two years in a cyclical order.

During the Paryaya festival, held every two years, the temple management is handed over to the next Matha. Each of the Mathas is headed by a Swami, who will be in charge of the temple during his Paryaya.

The Krishna Matha is known throughout the world for its religious customs, traditions, and learning in Dvaita or Tatvavaada philosophy. It is also the centre of Daasa Sahitya, a form of literature that originated in Udupi.

These eight Mathas are Pejavara, Puttige, Palimaru, Adamaru, Sodhe, Kaniyooru, Shirur and Krishnapura.

Another important festival is Bhajana Saptaha which is held in Sri Laxmi Venkatesh Temple. Saptaha means one week. During this time Bhajans are sung continuously day and night for 7 days. This falls during August of every year.

How to Reach Udupi
NH 17 passes through Udupi. Other significant roads include the State Highways to Karkala and Dharmastala and to Shimoga and Sringeri. The NH 17 provides a link to Mangalore and Karwar. Private as well as government buses connect Udupi to various parts of Karnataka. Udupi has a railway station on the Konkan Railway. The nearest airport to Udupi is Mangalore (Bajpe) Airport, which is 50 km away.

City and suburban transport is available for travel within Udupi and suburbs. The buses originate from the suburban bus stand (City Bus Stand). There are different route numbers.

The nearest harbour/port to Udupi is Malpe, which is 5 km away. New Mangalore Port/Harbour is 50 km away from Udupi.

Ananthasana Temple, Udupi

Ananthasana Temple is one of the oldest temple of lord Vishnu, and has a history of more than 1200 years. This temple is very peculiar in built and has inner rings which cannot be identified by simple human beings. It has several chakras inside which goes with a specific number. One who can take a pradakshinia (Circle with sanctity) would be a great soul. Lord Vishnu and His personal expansion Ananta Sesa are said to reside within the linga. Ananta means the serpent Ananta Sesa. One who is seated on Ananta is known as Ananthasana. As He is the Lord of Ananta, He is known as Ananteswara.

State Protected Monuments in Udupi
State Protected Monuments officially reported by Archeological Survey of India in Udupi, Karnataka is listed below

State Protected Monuments in Udupi
  • Suralu Palace
  • Bana Teertha
  • Gadha Teertha
  • Parasu teertha
  • Udupi Sri Krishna Temple
  • Dhanusha Teertha
  • Hanumantha Gopura
  • Pajaka Matha
  • Birthplace of Sri Madhavacharya, Sri Anathapadmanabhaswamy Temple
  • Nagabana
  • Durga Temple

Temples in Udupi

Ashta Mathas of Udupi or Monasteries of Udupi were established by Madhwacharya, the great Dvaita philosopher. Sree Venkataramana Temple is in Karkala Town, Katkala Taluq, Udupi District, in Karnataka. Udupi Sri Krishna Matha is a popular Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Krishna and is located in the town of Udupi, Karnataka. Yelluru Shri Vishweshwara Temple is located in Yellur Town, Udupi District in Karnataka.

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