Uttara Kannada Tourist Attractions

Uttara Kannada or North Canara (North Kanara), located on the western coast with 140 Km length of Coastal line. Uttara Kannada has varied geographical features with thick forest, perennial rivers and rich in flora and fauna. 80% of the district is covered by forest. Major forest in Uttara Kannada district is concentrated in Joida, Yellapur, Sirsi and Ankola Taluks.

Languages spoken are Kannada, Konkani, Tulu and Marathi. The cultural pattern of the people has been influenced by Northern Karnataka and Maharashtra.

Uttara Kannada is one of the major tourist districts in the state. Uttara Kannada district is the land of rivers. The main rivers are Kali, Gangavali, Aghanashini, Sharavati. The other rivers are Venktapur and Varada. These rivers form many waterfalls; the famous waterfalls include Jogfalls, Unchalli falls, Magod falls, Shivaganga falls, Lalguli and Mailmane waterfalls.

Baithkola Beach
Baithkola Beach is located on the northern outskirts of Karwar town; this is one of the most beautiful natural beaches on this coast. Baithkola beach has a spectacular sea view.

River Kali or Kalinadi
The river Kali or kalinadi has its origin in the Western Ghats and flows westwards to join the Arabian Sea near the town of Karwar. Motor launches are available for boating up the river Kali.

Sadashivgad Hill Fort
Sadashivgad is 5 km away from Karwar towards North. Durga Bhavani temple at the top of the hill worshipped by Shivaji and the fort build by Sadashiv are famous. River Kali joins with the Sea near Sadashivgad is quite pleasant to enjoy natural scenery.

A small town is surrounded by many temples. Ankola town is known for the Lakshminarayana Mahamaya temple and the important role it played during India's freedom movement.

Attiveri Bird Sanctuary
19 Km from Mundgod one has to take a diversion on Mundgod - Hubli road to reach Attiveri. Attiveri bird sanctuary is home for 79 species of birds. The migratory birds here are from 22 countries including Central Asia, Northern Africa and European countries. The best time to visit Attiveri bird sanctuary is from November to March.

Banavasi is one of the ancient towns in the Karnataka state located 22 km away from Sirsi with beautiful surroundings. The river Varada flows on 3 sides. Banvasi was the capital of the Kadambas, the first kingdom of ancient Karnataka. Pampa, the first poet of Kannada, wrote his epic poems in Banasavi. The main attraction in Banavasi is Madhukeshwara Temple. The Madhukeshwara Temple and Madhumathi (Parvati) Temple are best example of Kadamba art. The annual cultural festival, Kadambotsava held in December.

Bhatkal is one of the important port towns of Karnataka. Bhatkal town is situated between the sea on one side and the Western Ghats on the other.

Dandeli is the famous industrial centre of the district. The West Coast Paper Mills, Dandeli Ferro Alloys Ltd and Indian Plywood manufacturing Company are the main industries. Dandeli is located on the banks of River Kali and surrounded by an abundance of forest and mineral wealth. The forests of Dandeli and Anshi are home to over 200 species of birds. The Dandeli Game Sanctuary is a fine spot where animals like Wild Beer, Elephant, Panthers, Sloth Beer, bison, Spotted Deer are found. The other tourist spots near Dandeli are Kavala caves, Synthery Rocks and Sykes Point. The best season to visit this spot is between September and February.

Dev Bagh Beach Resort
Devbagh is accessible from Karwar known as a land of converging landscapes. Devbagh is distinct among several small islands in Karwar. It is 3 km away and is approachable by boat.

Gokarna is an important pilgrim centre located 60 km from Karwar. It is famous for the 'Atmalinga' in the ancient Mahabaleshwara Temple. Thousands of people visit this place every year occasion of Maha Shivaratri festival.

Honnavar or Honnavara is a coastal town in Uttara Kannada district. Apsara konda falls is just 6 Km away from Honnavar. Idagunji, is a sacred place of Hindu worship is about 14 km southeast of Honnavar. The famous temple at Idagunji dedicated to Lord Ganapathi is the main attraction. Honnavara is an important railhead on the Konkan coastal railway.

Kavala Caves
Kavala caves situated at a distance of 25 km from the base camp at Dandeli, these caves have a 5 ft. high natural Shiva lingam inside. An amazing sight, one needs to move slowly to get into the caves.

Kudle Beach
Kudle beach is one of the five beaches in Gokarna. Kudle beach is around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill. It is accessible by rickshaw or foot. Kudle beach can be reached by a 20-minute walk from Gokarna.

Kumta is a coastal town in Uttara Kannada district. Kumta is about 60 km south of Karwar. Kumta is famous for the Kumbheshwara temple. There are other tourist places nearby Kumta. Gokarna, famous for the temple and beach is just 20 km. Dhareshwar beach is located just 5 km away from kumta. Kumta has a railway station on Konkan Railway.

Lalguli Falls
Lalguli falls is 13 km from Yellpaur and has a series of picturesque water falls of the River Kali falling in different heights from 61 meters to 91 meters. A temple dedicated to Hanuman is near by on the hill.

Lushington Falls
Lushington Falls is also known as Unchalli Falls. Lushington Falls or Unchalli Falls is located in Siddapur taluk, on the Shimoga border. Lushington Falls is 25 km away from Sirsi. This falls is named after a district collector for the British Government, who discovered the falls in 1845. The falls is also called as Keppa Joga because of the loud sound it make. It flows deep down in to the rugged valley at Unchalli from a height of 116 mts and then flows westwards.

Magod Falls
Magod falls is about 80 km from Karwar and 17 km from Yellapur. The river Bedthi, cascades from a height of 650 ft, into a rocky ravine.

The temple dedicated to Lord Venkateshwara with huge complex built in Vijayanagara Style is main attraction of Manjuguni. During winter, this place is covered by thick fog and hence it is called by the name Manjuguni and it is just 25 km from Sirsi.

Murudeshwar is a picturesque place situated between Honnavara and Bhatkal on National highway. Murudeshwar is bounded by the rolling hills of Western Ghats and Arabian Sea, the place is a favorite picnic spot. Probably the finest beach, temple, restaurants, guest houses, resorts & beautiful garden in coastal karnataka and the most popular. The main attraction of Murudeshwar is Shiva temple, this sacred place presents some beautiful carvings and statues, which has a history that dates back to a few centuries. A recent attraction of Murudeshwara is the world's tallest Shiva idol erected beside the temple. The idol of Lord Shiva is 123 feet high and viewable from a very long distance from the Arabian sea.

Om Beach
Om beach is one of the five beaches in Gokarna. Om beach is around 6 km from Gokarna town along a muddy hill. It is accessible by rickshaw or foot. Om beach is named because it resembles like the auspicious symbol. Om beach is the only naturally shaped beach.

Sahasra Linga
Sahasra Linga means "Thousands of Linga", a place just 17 km from Sirsi. It is a beautiful valley where the river Shalmala flows. The hundreds of the rocks with Shiva Linga carved on them found here. Each rock is designed with a linga and Nandi facing it. Thousands of people visit this place every year occasion of Mahashivaratri festival.

Sathodi Falls
Sathodi Falls situated in the midst of dense forests. Sathodi falls is about 32 km from Yellapur and it is located in the Ganeshgudi range forest of Yellapur. Sathodi falls of the most picturesque spots in this region.

The Sirsi fort is now in ruins where temples of Shankara and Ganapati could be seen. Sirsi is famous Jain basadis and ancient Hindu temples. The popular Marikamaba temple is said to have built in 1689. The statue of Goddess Marikamba is believed to have been found in a tank. Sri Marikamba fair takes place once in 2 years. Majority of the people in Sirsi speak Konkani and Kannada. River Aghanashini takes birth from a place near Sirsi called "Donihalla" and flows towards the Arabian Sea in the West.

Sonda is a small village surrounded with the lush greens with beauty in Uttara Kannada (North Kanara) district of Karnataka state. Sonda is just 20 km away from Sirsi town. Sonda is well known for the Vadiraja Mutt.

Supa Dam
Supa dam is near about 25 Km from Dandeli City. This dam used to produce Electrical power.

Sykes Point
Sykes Point, named after British Collector Sykes. This famous scenic spot offers a fabulous view of the beautiful Kali river valley inside the Dandeli Reserved Forest. This place is around 25 km from Dandeli.

Syntheri Rock
Syntheri Rock place is around 32 km from Dandeli. This 300 ft. tall monolithic granite located rock is flanked by natural caves and a waterfall, at whose base the Kaneri River flows. The scenic spot at the foot of the falls is a fine picnic spot.

Ulavi Chennabasaveshwara Temple
Ulavi is about 36 km from Joida and 75 km from Karwar. Ulavi is a major pilgrim centre for Veershaivas. It is famous for its Chennabasavanna Temple. An annual car festival is held here in February - March.

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Yana is about 25 km from Kumta and 40 km from Sirsi. Yana is situated in the lush evergreen forests of the Sahyadri Range of Mountains. Yana, also known as Bhairava kshetra, is an important pilgrim centre. Yana is an ideal destination for pilgrims, trekkers, and nature-lovers. The awesome 2 peaks are Bhairaveshwara and Mohini shikharas. The tallest peak, Bhariraveswara Shikhara is 120 meters high, and the Mohini Shikhara is 90 meters high from its base. A cave temple dedicated to Lord Shiva is located below these shikharas. Water drips from the projecting rocks over the linga, and devotees call it Gangodbhava. A fair takes place every year on the occasion of Mahashivaratri festival.

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