Uttukuli is a quaint little town that is located in Tamil Nadu. Uttukuli town lies near the neighboring towns of Tirupur, Podanur, and Pollachi, and is one of the rarely visited tourist destinations in the region.

Due to this reason, a huge chunk of Uttukuli still remains unexplored, and this town serves as an ideal spot for tourists who are looking to relax.

The regions of Podanur and Pollachi are all excellent places where you can unwind, with hills and lush greenery spread out everywhere. Another famous landmark and important tourist destination in the town of Uttukuli is the Murugan temple in the town.

This is one destination that pilgrims flock to every year, as the place holds enormous religious significance among Hindus. The temple has generated a lot of tourist interest due to the folklore surrounding it, as it is said to have been created by the great sage Agastya.

You can also visit the Sivan Malai temple, which is located near Uttukuli. Another must visit spot is the Amaravathi Crocodile Park, which is located near Udumalpet. The Amaravathi Park is a hit among kids and has many mugger crocodiles, otters and turtles.