Vibhooti Waterfalls

Vibhooti (Vibooti, Vibhuthi) is a small waterfalls near Yana, about 50 km from Sirsi North Kanara, Western Ghats. The falls gets its name from the Lime Stone rock nearby. After we pass the Vaddi Ghats we need to take a deviation at a place called Mabagi which is about 3 km from the falls. Other places of interest nearby would be Yana waterfalls, Unchalli falls and Benne hole falls.

How to reach Vibhooti Waterfalls
By road from Sirsi which goes to Mattighatta, Devanalli via Hegadekatta.You will not get a bus which takes you near the waterfall you will have to walk the Vaddi Ghat after you get down at Vaddi cross or Yana.

Nearest railway station is Sirsi. Nearest airport is Mangalore Airport. It is almost 400 km away from Bangalore.

Bennehole Falls
Wattahalla Falls