Vidurashwatha is a small village located in the Gauribidanur taluk of Chikkaballapur district, Karnataka. Vidurashwatha is situated near the Karnataka - Andhra Pradesh border and about 6 km from Gauribidanur. This place had a major role to play in the freedom movement of India.

The name of the place, Vidurashwatha is derived from of a Huge 'Ashwatha' (Ficus religiosa) tree located in this village. According to the legend, during the times of Mahabharatha, this Ashwatha tree was planted by Vidura, a courtier in the kingdom of Dhritarashtra; and hence the name Vidurashwatha. Unfortunately, this ancient tree fell to the ground in the year 2001.

Vidurashwatha Naga Devatha Temple

There is also Naga Devatha Temple which is as old as the tree, here people do the prathishtapana of the naga god, to fulfil their desires, like having child, do better in business etc., the pooja here is done to alleviate all problems concerned with Naga dosha. There is also lots of monkeys which are harping at people to get something to eat. There are few charity halls which give food to the devotees these charity halls are mainly the religion based, like the arya vysya choultry which provide food for their community people who come to visit the temple, there is new Sri Raghavendraswamy math, on the way to temple for Brahmins also they have provision for lodging which is charged very nominally on a weekend about 200-250 people are fed. There are no good hotels in the vicinity for about 10 km on either side. Moreover the peace you get after going to the temple is astounding, it is said that snakes used to visit the temple during festivals and take the offerings given by the devotees. The pooja and worship is done here to get rid of all problems concerned with Naga dosha or Sarpa dosha.

Vidurashwatha is known as the Jallianwala Bagh of the South. On April 25, 1938, as a part of the freedom struggle of India, a group of villagers had congregated in a ground to organise a Satyagraha. Similar to what happened at Jallianwala Bagh, police fired indiscriminately at the group resulting in the death of 10 people. A memorial has been erected in this location bearing the names of those who lost their lives in this incident.

The place is about 100 km from Bangalore and from Gauribidnaur it is at a distance if 10 km, it is also close to Hindupur (Andhra border). The other nearby interesting place is the Lepakshi Temple (about 30 km from Vidurashwatha. Vidurashwatha can be reached by bus directly from Bangalore, the nearest railway station is about 4 km to 5 km but the next best option is to get down at Gauri bidnaur and take a private vehicle to the temple. There is one more option to get down at Hindupur station (18km) from Vidurashwatha. You can get hotel accommodation and can reach the place by bus.

Vidurashwatha Temple

Vidurashwatha Temple is a famous temple dedicated to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. The temple is also famous as a Naga Temple (Snake Worship). This temple is visited for pariharam associated with Naga Doshas. The detail timing, address and contact number of Vidurashwatha Temple is given below.

Contact Address
Shree Vidurashwatha Narayanaswamy Temple,
Vidurashwatha, Gowribidanur Taluk,
Chikkaballapur District, Karnataka
Phone Number: 91-8155-288143, 9980142212