Vikasa Soudha

Vikasa Soudha is adjacent to Vidhana Soudha in Bangalore. Vikasa Soudha inaugurated in 2005 is one of the best buildings built by the Government of Karnataka. Vikasa Soudha, the sister building situated to the south of Vidhana Soudha, was built with the intention of housing some of the legislative offices. One can easily reach Vikasa Soudha because there are state transport buses and metro buses plying to this spot from nearby bus stands like Majestic Station.

A significant feature of this Legislative home is that the construction of the building reflects modern outlook but also holds the gloss of traditional south Indian culture. It is constructed on an area of 8 acres and has an acquired built up area of 58,274 square meter. The total cost of this building is estimated to be about 150 Crores. The eight floor building houses fifteen conference halls along with more than three hundred and fifty rooms. The construction of Vikasa Soudha took many years. It has an impressive interior decoration of wooden carving and a brilliant ornamental stone work in the external walls. The giant building is also impregnated with most modern and sophisticated facilities than any other legislative buildings in the country.

The building can accommodate up to 600 cars in three floors. The Government has set up a high profile security system for the same. Coupled with modern architecture, sophisticated interiors and comprehensive security system, the building also has an eco friendly design. Additional grid of solar power supply and a rain water harvesting system are clear examples of eco friendly construction.