Watte Halla Hole Waterfalls

Waate Halla or Hole falls is created by the tributary of Aghanashini River. It is situated 30 kms from Sirsi town, Western Ghats. The waterfalls plunges from about 100ft. Waate meaning river side bamboo, which is found here in abundance. Halla meaning pit. Hole meaning pond. This place is close to Unchalli fall, Benne hole falls & Yana falls.

How to reach Waate Halla Falls

Bus ride from Sirsi which goes to HaggaraNi, get off at Nilakunda. 3 kms walk to the valley, where one has to climb down to reach the Waate HaLLa falls Nearest Railway: Sirsi Nearest Airport: Mangalore Airport By Road: From Bangalore 430 kms

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